Sunday, May 18, 2014

The protection shield around Hogwarts, is around the MTC, but it is stronger Week Three


It was SO good to talk to you all on Sunday! Oh my goodness, I loved it so much! It only took me about 20 minutes after to completely calm down and be able to talk. haha.  I was doing okay and then a sister asked how it was and I just broke down crying. Then she started crying. Then we both gained composure and then we started talking about it and then we started crying again. And then Motra Coleman was done talking to her family and she was crying, so I gave her a hug and then we just cried for some minutes.  And then our zone leader walked by and pointed to all four of us sisters and pointed and said "teary eyes, teary eyes, teary eyes, teary eyes." haha, it was so good to talk to you all though! I LOVED IT!!!!!! :D I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did, because I know it was the highlight of my week and weekend. I meant to tell you family, that they sell Albanian t-shirts here. they are 100% cotton, and adult sizes, if you wanted (or anyone I guess for that matter) just give me the money, and what size you want and I will try and ship it out to you. They looked pretty awesome. Just sayin'. :)

Thank you for the package! And the cookies, ah- I ate 2 of them in less than 4 minutes. I've missed those delicious tasting cookies! The Elders and Sisters of the Hungarians and in my district say thank you Mom! :)
honestly though, thank you for the package!!! 

This is how I get through everyday. I love you all and think/see you guys everyday. :) I'm proud
to be a Motra Zollinger, and I hope I am making you all proud and our ancestors
L. Tom Perry came on Tuesday for the devotional. He gave a great talk, and one of the scriptures that he shared just went *BAM! CAMILLE JUST GOT SPIRITUALLY SPANKED*. That scripture he shared hit me so hard, I just sat back in my chair and I was like "woah..." I wrote down the reference in my notes, but paraphrasing it said how you need to prepare yourself and then the spirit will fill in the rest. I really put that scripture to the test this week: and it worked! Well, of course it worked, but I tried to make it personally applicable to me and it was amazing. I've studied a lot harder this week with the vocabulary, conjugations, and on TALL ( a language computer program we use) and in our lessons, I was able to make sentences comprehensible with some of the vocab and conjugation that I was studying. I know that it was the Spirit who was helping me and putting what I needed to say and directing my thoughts, and I am so grateful that I was able to have some of the moments this week. They were great "pep-talks" with Heavenly Father where he was like "Camille, you've got this. Keep doing your part but you need to use me too, you have to trust me, and I will never fail thee." so, life is pretty good! we have TRC tonight (we give an FHE lesson to a bunch of RMs), which I am a little nervous about. But, hopefully I'll see Megan Morgan tonight, so I'm excited for that! :)

The Diseased district is doing better! Hallelujah! :) This past week was a lot of sickness, but a lot of faith. Elder Muncey's scope/surgery went as well as it could have gone! We did a district fast for him Monday morning, and the surgery went so well. He has some acid reflux problems, so they put him on an antibiotic, so so far so good. My companion is doing better too! Elder Opper is better too! Prayers work, God hears our prayers and he answers them. 

Today we were able to do a session at the Temple. I love the temple! While I was there, I got thinking about life here at the MTC. You know that protector shield that protects Hogwarts in Harry Potter from Voldemort and the dementors and everything? Well, I realized how that is exactly what the MTC has. But ours is a lot stronger because our shield is protected by the Power of our Heavenly Father and His angels. I realized today how I have not heard a single cuss word for almost a month now, I have not seen one young lady degrade herself and insult herself by dressing immodestly, I have not seen a boy doing anything inappropriate, I have not heard of the evils that go on everyday in the "outside world" and I have not seen anything bad on any source of Media. Last week when we had to go off campus to the instacare, it felt weird. The second we got on the streets, and out of the shuttle, it didn't feel the same. But as soon as we turned back into the MTC grounds and were inside the MTC I felt home, I was safe, I was back in that shield of protection. What a glorious thing it is to be shielded from the ways of the world and to be associated with good and the spirit 24/7. Today whilst in the temple, I promised myself that my future home will be like it is here at the MTC and at the temple, it will be refuge from the World. Where my family won't have to worry about the things of the world, but that they can feel calm and at peace at home. It is amazing here. We are still human, but when you pin a badge next to your heart everyday with Jesus Christ's name on it you act differently. You have a reason to be more good and to act more good. It is amazing how much you change, and how you can almost feel that responsibility when you put your badge on. 

Funny story: on Monday the new senior couples came. I was getting my drink when a senior Elder said "Sister Zollinger..." I turned around said "Hello" thinking that he knew my parents somehow, or something like that. but instead he said "there is a senior couple here with the last name Zollinger.  they are right over there. You should go talk to them." Jumping jelly fishes, of course I talked to them! haha, I have talked with them like 6 times. so, we're related...but i still don't know how exactly. I brought my fan chart over and we figured out that my great-great grandpa (or maybe 3 greats) is his grandpa's brother, it is H. (I forget his middle name) Zollinger. I tried looking on familysearch today to figure out how we are related but  I couldn't figure it out. I'm gonna talk with them more during dinner today, and I'll get my picture taken with them and I'll send it in the email next week. I think it is pretty awesome that we met each other. They are going to New Zealand on their mission, cha ching cha ching cha ching!! :D

So, this weekend is gonna be super bitter-sweet. The Hungarians leave. :( I was getting emotional yesterday while the Zone leader was taking photos with  the Albanian Elders. It is amazing how quickly and how strongly you can grow to love some Elders and Sisters when you are all working for the same thing and when you are kind to each other. They feel like family to me, they really do. The Zone leaders have been such amazing examples to me, and the sisters have helped me so much! They leave on Monday. I am so excited for them, they are all going to be such incredible missionaries, but my heart is breaking inside. I am going to miss them sooo much. I'm getting pictures taken with them all this weekend, and i'll send those next week, including Simons Nover. That blew our minds when we figured that out. It is a small world, a small world indeed. So, yeah. They leave. But, we are getting new Hungarians that week or the next week, so that is good! :) 

For p-days we have started playing sand volleyball. I am awful at volleyball. I either hit it too hard, or I make a sound effect when I hit the ball so that it is more accurate and then I just mess it up still.  haha. but it is so relaxing and such a stress-reliever to go out and play sand volleyball! we get to take off our shoes and I just play in the sand.  I think this week I am gonna make a sand castle during gym time. It is going to be so awesome. Just you wait. 

Life is great here at the MTC. I love it! The language is coming along very well! 

I'm gonna try and insert the photos, let's hope and pray that this brain can figure it out... :)

I love you all! The Church is true. God really does hear and answer our prayers, and the Holy Ghost is such a wonderful gift that we have been given. If we are worthy and work hard to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost, he will never leave us. We are never alone. I know that to be true. This church is true, and I love it with all my heart.