Monday, July 28, 2014

The Soles of Their Feet Were Wet . . . Week 14

Hello Hello! :) 

I do hope that everyone had a splendid week and a wonderful Pioneer Day!!! :) 
This week I hit my month mark in Albania. It is crazy to think that I have already been here for an entire month; time sure does fly by out here. I am progressing in the language too, which makes me super happy. :) I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for helping me speak the language and learn it, because I know without a doubt that if I was trying to do this on my own it would be miserable. 

Let's see, some highlights from this week:
There was no scorpion this week, which was a wonderful relief. There was a cockroach though, but what is a cockroach compared to a scorpion? Ha-ha, honestly though. My companion says that I am blonde. Am I blonde? I know I act like a blonde, but I thought I have brown hair, so when she said that my hair was blonde I was in complete denial. Am I really blonde? Ha-ha, I am like stumped on that... ha-ha. So, once upon a time a language quheted Albanian existed. And once upon a time it is hard to tell the difference between letters for a Sister Zollinger. So, we were on our way to an appointment, and we sorta got lost, err, I mean we took a long detour to get to the house. Ha-ha. :) So, I was following Motra Russell as I was trying to hear the difference between a double ll and a single l. So, pretty much I went insane for about 20ish-30ish minutes as I repeated what sounded like the same sound to me and getting weird looks from Albanians as I walked past them. Ha-ha, it was prime! :) 

We tracked into Jehovah witnesses again, but these two were nice. Like really nice. :)

The heat is getting a lot hotter. So now I end up sweating like a pig trying to pass 2 peach pits. It is not fun. So much heat. Ha-ha. But, it is all the better reason to get the delicious ice cream here! :) 

This week really was a great week! This week I learned more about faith. I learned how faith and hope need to co-exist for it to work; because when these co-exist there is no room for worry or fear or anything. I remember in sacrament meeting last year-ish how Brother Petit said something that had a big impact on me, he simply stated that "fear and faith cannot co-exist. It is one or the other." That statement is so true. I have faith when it comes to learning this language and when it comes to speaking it in lessons. I know that I have been called to Albania to serve my mission for a reason, and I know that I will be able to learn this language. I am not worried about that. But, when it comes time for a lesson, I get nervous sometimes and I start to even feel a little scared if I have to say a big part in the lesson. But I realized how that is not how faith and hope work. I have faith that I'll be okay and I'll be able to speak, but I learned the importance of shunning any doubt or worry that might come into my mind. Earlier this week we were doing the setting expectations and the restoration lesson. And, I was in charge of setting the expectations, and Motra and I took turns for each segment in the lesson, and I was to recite the first vision. Mind you this was all in Shqip too. So, I was a little nervous. Okay, a lot nervous. But, I remembered something that I had read earlier that week from an Elder Bednar talk and it was "Interestingly, the waters did not part as the children of Israel stood on the banks of the river waiting for something to happen; rather, the soles of their feet were wet before the water parted. The faith of the Israelites was manifested in the fact that they walked into the water before it parted. They walked into the river Jordan with a future-facing assurance of things hoped for. As the Israelites moved forward, the water parted, and as they crossed over on dry land." The part that stuck out to me the most was when it says that the soles of their feet were wet before the water parted, which reminded me of Motra Russel's advice about the language, and that was you have to open your mouth to be filled. So, as I sat in the church waiting for the investigator to show up, I said a prayer. First asking for forgiveness for not trusting in God as much as I should have been and for asking for His help during the lesson so that I wouldn't be nervous, and that I would be able to say what I needed to say and to remember what I had practiced for that lesson, especially the first vision. The lesson went well and it showed me again how important faith is. Often times not only do we need to have faith, but we need to also begin to act knowing that God will help us, before we can receive that witness of our faith. Just like what the Israelites did. 

I testify that God hears and answers our prayers. I also testify that faith works. At times it can be hard to not worry or let doubt creep in, but that doesn't do anything. I relearned the importance of having real working faith coupled with hope. I also know that Satan is a fat-head, and that he is going to do all that he can so that we doubt. But, prayer works. Pray to have strength, to not worry, to not have fear, and I promise you that God will answer you. He has answered mine. God loves us; we really truly are His Children. He wants us to be happy in this life. I know that faith is the most powerful tool that we have. No one can take away our faith. It is ours. I know that this Church is true, the message that we share is a message of happiness; we are God's children and He loves us. How beautiful it is to know that. 

Have a great week! :) 

Love you all!

Motra Zollinger

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What are Our Lights of Stone?..... Week 13

Hello Hello! :) 

Wow. I remember Brother Vance telling us in the MTC that every day in Albania is so unexpected. Well, that is most definitely so true. Ha-ha, this week has been the most exciting and random by far because there was A SCORPION IN OUR APARTMENT. A scorpion. Granted it was not that big, it was a baby one. But I have never seen such a little thing that looked so evil before in my life. So, I was walking to the bathroom and I stepped over this black thing that started to move. I turned to see what it was, thinking it was a spider...but the shape was too weird to be a spider. But then I realized it was a scorpion. So I was like "uh...Motra...I think this is a scorpion." Sure enough it was. So, we became Scorpion Slayers Friday night. Correction. Motra Russell became a scorpion slayer, I was her cheering section. She tried to trap it but it went into the door frame in a crack. It was like 10ish at night. There was no way that we were gonna be able to sleep until this evil thing was killed. So, we called our District Leader and we were like "so, we have a scorpion in our apartment." They ended up coming over and they got it and they killed it. So they all became scorpion slayers. I was the scorpion slayer's supporter. Ha-ha. It was quite interesting that was for sure. Now we are so paranoid in our apartment; because where did the baby one come from?!?! So, yeah. So far so good. But, only time will tell... haha. So that was our big unplanned adventure for the week! :) 

I found ice cream snicker bars! :) I was so excited because I had at least 3 each week in the MTC. I haven't had any yet though... but that will probably change super soon. 

I found out how incredibly awkward and awful I am at conducting music. I was doing it for our baptism on Friday, and I am glad that no one looks at the chorister, because it was bad. I thought I knew how to do it, but I didn't. My companion had to conduct to me how to conduct to the others so that I got the beat right...and I can't hide it in my face. So I kept on making panicking faces trying to do it. And apparently I would randomly hold my breath and then let out a big breath when I got the beat right. So, none the less Geldona and her brother got some cheap entertainment that night as they made fun of me as I tried to conduct the music. Ha-ha. :) It was funny!

The baptism on Friday went so well! It was just so good. I think the thing that made me happier than anything was seeing how happy Geldona was. When she walked into the font my companion and I hugged each other and were just so excited for Geldona. I loved how happy she was. Actually, she was more than happy. I loved seeing how joyous she was. It just beamed out of her eyes, and you could feel it around her. I don't think she ever stopped smiling that night. It was absolutely amazing. The baptism just went splendidly. It was great! 

This week I was reading in Ether and I was reading the story of the Brother of Jared. I became so interested in the lights of stone that he had the Lord touch. And I realized how easy it is to liken that story to our lives...and more specifically when they are journeying across the ocean; and even more specifically the stones that they used as light for their ocean. And it made me wonder, what are my stones of light? We are all on our journey just like the Brother of Jared and his people were. The way that they were able to live during that journey was because of the light of the stones. What are our lights of stones? What do we use that helps us see? I think that the barges are like the gospel. They protect us from the water that we are traveling on. But, what is it that we use that helps us to see. I think some of the stones can be faith, the atonement, priesthood, the scriptures, family, prayer, the temple, going to church. I really enjoyed likening this story to myself because I got more out of it and I really reflected on who I am and what I have chosen and can continue to choose for my stones of light.  I know that if we are not only active in the church, but if we are active in the gospel too that we will always be okay. I know that this church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. The Book of Mormon has the power to change your life, it has mine. The great part about it is how simple it is to know of the truthfulness. You only need to pray and to ask God if the book is true. Because it is either true or it's not. People have died for this book and the message within it because it is either true or because it isn't. I can testify with the entirety of my heart that I know that the Book of Mormon is true; and the other reason that I know that it is true is because I have prayed to God to know if it is true. He not only hears but He answers our prayers. And He will answer yours. You have to ask for Him to be able to answer. 

I love you all! I hope that you have a great week!! :) If you are looking for a great way to celebrate Pioneer Day, read "All is Well" by President Uchtdorf; it is amazing. 

Motra Zollinger

Friday, July 18, 2014

Keep Your Flag Up . . . Week 12

Hello my friends! :)

This past week was a great week! 

So, the weather here is crazy hot. And it is humid hot. Like lots. Everybody here really does sweat like pigs trying to pass peach pits; it is crazy. BUT, this week the weather was amazing!!!!!!!! :) Because we got some serious storms this week! On Thursday we were out in Kombinat for a lesson, and we have roof lessons out there, so pretty. So, it was pretty and we could tell a storm was a brewing, and then BAM the wind came and so we went inside. Ha-ha, Motra and I had some Marilyn Monroe moments because that wind was sneaky. Good thing we were teaching girls... I didn't know exactly what to say, so I just said "me fale" which is like my bad...I’m sorry. Ha-ha. So we had to end that lesson a little early because it is 30ish minutes from our apartment. By the time we got to the bus stop is was raining, and the lightning storms here are gorgeous!!! I was so giddy and so happy!! :) I had my missionary in a rain storm experience. It was pretty great. :) We have had storms every day for 4 days now. Thursday and Friday were bigger ones, and Saturday and Sunday were just nice breezy rains. 
We had a pet this past week. His name was Shooter or something sounding like that. It was a spider so I didn't care much for him. I would not kill it. At all. Motra said "who ever finds it kills it, that is the rule." I disagreed so we decided to leave it. But, then the mission president was going to come it had to be taken care of. Motra Russel did it. I contributed because she used my book to trap it. :) 

I had my first run in with a Jehovah Witness. That was interesting. 

We trade off with our phone, for who has to talk to the investigators and such. The first time that I had it, I said hello in Spanish. yeah... ;P hola and alo are really close to each other okay. Ha-ha. :)

I tried a Mars and lion bar. So good!!  

I have decided that the Best Two Years is a great movie. I feel like Elder Calhoun right now trying to get this language down. Especially when he is trying to sound out the words. It is so true. Ha-ha. Prime time to quote: with all the lofting and biking, mon octavern eshte muey kavorden. :) hehe jk. I just thought that it was a great time to do that quote, and I couldn't not seize the moment. 

Yesterday church went super well! We are teaching this little 8 year old, Sabrina. She is adorable. Earlier this week during our lesson, she turned to her mom and said "I want to sit by the Americans." ha-ha. Motra and I laughed so hard! So, yesterday during church we were sitting a few rows behind her and her mom. She turned to her mom and said "I want to sit by the Americans." 
She sat by me. I actually had a conversation with her! In Albanian! Granted it was quite small, but I didn't have to ask for help until the English. But, this is where the story gets good. So, during the opening hymn, I was concentrating really hard on trying to pronounce the words right and everything, I thought I was doing okay...ha-ha. Cute Sabrina looked at me, laughed, and patted me on the back. Then our investigator and her friend who were sitting behind me just started laughing. I was laughing too. I got sympathy from an 8 year Hahahaahaha!! Honestly, it made my day. She is such a cute and funny little girl.  

Yesterday in our lesson, we were talking about the example of Nephi to his brothers. Something that Elina said I thought was so powerful. She said how at their youth conference, the stake president was saying how their testimonies and standards are like their flag. And then she said "keep your flag up." I thought that that statement was so simple, but so true! Keep your flag up! Not at half mast, not at the bottom, but flying in the wind at the top—for all to see. Our testimony is our flag, and the pole and the rope that pulls the flag to the top is the gospel and the standards of the youth. The best way to be an example is by living what we believe, what we know. Even though the earth's standards and morals are constantly changing, God's standards are constantly constant. They are steadfast and immovable. Being a good example can go so far. It can be hard sometimes to stand up for what you know, but just like President Thomas S. Monson "stand up for something, even if it means standing alone." Be proud of who you are, and what you are- a Mormon—a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is no shame in being a disciple of Christ. There is no shame in being a Child of God. There will be times with the wind blows really hard on that flag or the flag gets rained on. But the storm always goes away and the sun always comes again. Just like night is never the conqueror, because morning always comes. The same is applicable here. Even though storms of trials come; our faith will help us through it; and Heavenly Father is always there for us and His Son, Jesus Christ. They love us so much; they are always there for us. Always. 

I know this church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. If you want to come closer to Heavenly Father and gain a relationship with our Brother, Jesus Christ then read that book. No one can ever come closer to God than through that book. That book contains indescribable happiness and joy. And you can know for yourself that this book is true; all you have to do is to start reading it and to pray to God to know if it really truly is true. It works. He will answer you. 

Have a great week! Don't forget to Smile because you are on God's camera. :) 

Motra Zollinger

Monday, July 7, 2014

"I'd rather Live . . . " week 11

I hope everybody's week went well! First off: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!!!!!! We celebrated the 4th of July. We got a tre leche. I actually don't know how to spell that. It is a milk cake with divine caramel on top. So, we ate that. And someone set off a few fireworks so we got our own mini firework show. It was pretty legit. Plus a lot of people like to wear clothes with the American flag on it, so it was awesome. 

Gorgeous lake near Tirana
So, you know how Utah has deer? Well, Albania has dogs.....

I have learned how to perfectly boil eggs. We have boiled eggs every day. Just because they are so yummy!!! Let’s see... any other funny stories from this week. Our washer does not like me. I tried washing my clothes. I thought I had done it right, I went to pull out the clothes and I thought "wow, they already dried." Then I smelled my clothes, ha-ha. IT STINKEDED! So, I went back and actually washed them this time. Ha-ha. 

Suflaqe for lunch today, Motra Zollinger says it's heavenly

This week was super good though!! I absolutely love it here! One of the recent converts that we visit is so adorable. This past week she told us how she calls me and Motra "her girls" and how she prays for us every day because she knows how we are so far from our families and how it is hard to be far from our families. It was so sweet of her. I absolutely love her. Yes, it is hard to be away from our families. But, it is more than worth it, if it means that other families can be with their family for eternity.

Motra Russel knows Studio C. We have a little quoting session. It was awesome. 

This week during another one of our returning member lessons she said something that I thought was so profound. She said: "There is a difference between living and surviving." I have thought so much about that . . . A difference between living and surviving. What exactly is that difference? And what makes it such a big difference to go from living to only surviving? Both of them mean that you are existing, so that is good. But the difference can seem like such a simple thing, but it makes all the difference. And it is the gospel. 
Part of the city of Tirana
Like the show survivor, they are put in hard circumstances and they are trying to just make it to the end. They are trying and mustering all their power just so that they can survive another day. We are all put here on earth, where on worldly terms it is so hard to know exactly what to do, how to act, and what to rely on.  Life without the gospel is in survival mode. "Living the gospel isn't hard; it is not living the gospel that is hard." David A. Bednar said that, and how true it is!! When we have the gospel, we are living. With the gospel we have that steady and unbreakable foundation. We know who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. We know our reason behind existing. It is all because Heavenly Father loves us. We all lived with Him before this earthly life, and He came up with a plan so that we could all live with Him again. Because He loves us. He sent us to earth so that we could have the opportunity to choose to become like Him. Because He loves us. He sent Jesus Christ, His Son, to earth to atone for all of our sins so that through Him, our Brother we could return back to Heaven. Because Heavenly Father loves us so much, he has given us everything that we need to so that we can be safe here on earth and eventually return back to Heaven. We have the gospel because He loves us. The Book of Mormon is proof of the love that Heavenly Father has and that He hears and answers prayers, because He answered Joseph Smith's. We have everything that we need to be able to be living. I'd much rather live than survive. We are able to live with the gospel. We are NEVER alone. Christ is always there for us. Always. The distance between us and our Heavenly Father is and forever will be the length from our knees to the floor. 

This gospel is how we are able to live and not survive.  

I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week! :)


Motra Zollinger

Friday, July 4, 2014

First week in Albania, aka The Promised Land . . . week 9 & 10


For the first time ever flying out of country, that was a pretty wild and ferocious experience!! It was a lot of fun though!! It was tiring, but so fun! We left the MTC at 2:30 AM, our plane for Denver left at about 6. We left a little late though, so by the time we landed in Denver it was our time to start boarding our next plane for D.C. We had to speed walk to our plane (thankfully that was behind schedule, so we got on in time). I sat by Elders Wilcox and Wright the whole flight to D.C. Ha-ha, so fun. I ended up cloud gazing the whole time because they decided to sleep, I mean who does that. ;) The worst part of that flight is that they were zonked out the whole time (pretty much the whole time), I was at the window seat and I had to go to the bathroom sooo bad!! But, I didn't want to wake them up or try leaving my seat just to wake them up, so let's just say that that four hour flight seemed like a super long flight to me. I was so grateful when we landed. Ha-ha. We then had a couple hour lay-over and then we were on our way to Germany. From Germany we had to go to our flight to Albania, and then all the sudden *poof* I was in Albania. It was so interesting though, as we entered the territory of Albania, and as our plane was landed because all I felt was complete peace and I felt like I was at home. I felt like I was at a place that I had been before and that I had finally returned. The calm and peace immediately left as soon as we got in the car and headed to the mission home. Let's just say that I WILL NEVER DRIVE IN ALBANIA. NEVER. Hahahaha!! Honestly though, I think I checked and made sure that my seat belt was on at least 15 times, I was constantly saying a prayer that we make it to the mission home safely, and I was so tense. Driving lanes do not really exist here, nor do speed limits. You still drive on the same side of the roads, but if your car can fit anywhere on that side of the road and you want to get somewhere, then you best get out of their way so that they can get there. It is crazy. You know the Vietnam Special of TopGear? How the traffic is crazy and everyone is going whichever way they want? How people have these motorcycle bikes attached to carts and they have children and their family in them and they have to just drive, yeah, that's Albania. But, I have now gotten used to the driving around here. And, it is actually amazing. I hear a lot of cars screeching, and horns honking, but I have not seen an accident yet. That is because ya never know what is gonna happen on the roads here, so you are constantly alert for everything and anything that could possibly happen. It is quite amazing. The traffic here I think was the biggest culture shock for me to be quite honest. Ha-ha. But, I am getting more used to that now. Avash avash. 
Outside our apartment

 So we got to sleep in Thursday morning and then we met our companions, found out where we will be serving (Tirana, 2nd ward) and headed out. My companion is Motra Russel. She is pretty much absolutely amazing, gorgeous, talented, anything and everything wonderful, yep that's her. She is great! And unfortunately/fortunately for her I came out of my shy bubble yesterday. I was so quiet and shy for the first 3.5ish days. I would have random burst here and there, but for the most part I was super quiet because it is so new and I was just quiet. But, ha-ha, it all ended yesterday. :) And it feels so good. When you go to the MTC you can't leave yourself at home. That is even more true when you leave for the mission. You can't leave yourself at the MTC. God has called me. My personality, me. He has called me to go on this mission to Albania; and the great part of it is that He takes who you are and He spends the length of your mission molding you into that piece that He needs you to be. I am still the quirky and blonde person, but when you come on a mission you have to change. Just like you can't step in the same river twice, you cannot be the same person you were before you received your endowments. Yes, you still have the same personality, but you have to change some things to be able to go through the temple. And you are never the same person you were before you got set apart as a Disciple, as a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is remarkable. And it so humbling and amazing to realize how much you are changing for good. 
Taken outside the Mission Home
Yesterday, we were passing out English class flyers. So, right now is the World Cup. In the past when the world cup was on that is what I did all day every day for the duration of the world cup. Watch soccer, feed my face, watch soccer, go to the bathroom, watch soccer, feed my face, sleep, repeat. Well, it sure has been a little bit hard walking around the city here where the World cup is always being played and not being able to watch it. Last night was the worst. We were in part of the downtown I think it was and there was a big sound system and huge TV displaying the world cup. It was too much for me to handle, ha-ha, so I had an Elder Vanpelt moment. I put my hands over my head and said "THIS IS TRUNKING ME OUT OF MY MIND!!!" My companion just laughed at me. And I swear that we walked by at least 15 TVs on the way to lessons and back home where the games were on and being displayed. Those TVs have become my new temptation. Darn technology. ;) Honestly though, it is so hard to just take a quick peek and not stay and watch the game. 

This past week was hard. It was a hard transition and everything, but even though it was hard I have never been happier in my life! Honestly, never happier. I've started to pick up a little bit more of the language each day. Avash avash. I am learning though. ha-ha, a sweet and yet she had some sass to her old lady came up to me, giggled and just went off in Albania. She was holding my hand the whole time... I just kept shaking my head and smiling and if I understood one word then I would respond to it (which was just yes/no. American. 6 days.) ha-ha. Once she had left, a member by me (who spoke perfect English by the way) said, "Don’t worry. I am Albanian and I can't even understand what she said." ha-ha. She found me again at the end of church, I like that lady. I think she is going to be my new friend. :) I honestly love it here!! It is hard work, but I have really truly never been happier in my entire life. 
This is the monument where the land of Albania was dedicated for missionary work. I figured a far away photo of us all would be a lot better than upclose because we all look out of it
Sorry, random tangent. SQUIRREL!!! Ha-ha. :) It truly is humbling serving here in Albania. It is a lot different from America, but it just feels right here, it is my own Promised Land. The first thing that I realized since being here is how incredibly and remarkably blessed I have truly been; to have been able to grow up in America but more importantly to have grown up in the gospel. The gospel has made all the difference in my life; in who I am. I am today because of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I am proud of it. I am so proud to be a Mormon. I walk down the street and look into the people's eyes and think "this gospel will change your life. Please listen to us. You don't know what it can do for you and your family, for your happiness." But, with that being said, I get the wonderful opportunity to invite people to come unto Christ. To come and know what it is like to be loved by an all loving all knowing God, and his wonderful Son, our Savoir Jesus Christ. To introduce them to what truly is the Plan of Happiness: that we are all beloved Sons and Daughters of God. That we can talk to our Heavenly Father through prayer, and that he not only hears our prayers but He answers them. I have such a strong testimony of that. Heavenly Father really just wants us to be happy, and He wants us to return to live back with Him. The best part of that is that He has given us every single thing that we need to be able to make it back to live with Him. That is this gospel. It is faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the endowment. How blessed I have been to have grown up with this gospel; and how much the Lord must expect of me for being surrounded by this truth ever since I was born. 

Yesterday going to church was quite different than I have ever experienced before. It was amazing and I learned so much from it. What I learned yesterday was that no matter where you go in this world, the gospel is the same throughout the world. Even though the language changes throughout the world, the principles and truths of the gospel do not change. "God is the same yesterday, today, and forever." No matter what is going on in our lives, especially with things constantly changing, one thing that will never change is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This gospel will never change. It is the only constant thing on this earth. What truly blew my mind yesterday was how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know every single language and dialect that is on this earth. Honestly think about that, *mind blown*. The second thing that I am starting to learn this week is D&C 18:10. "...the worth of souls is great in the sight of God." it is so true. It is so humbling being here, because this is a poor country, where they have had a terrible past, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what clothes you have on, what you have done with your hair, what your living quarters look like, how much food you have in your fridge. It does not matter. At all. All that matters is what is in your heart. That is all that God cares about. If you go to church with jeans because that is the best that you have, then that is amazing and how exciting it is for you! People see people in terms of yesterday and today, but God sees us in terms of forever. He knows who we are and who we can become.  It is so easy to judge people because of what they look like and what they have, but if we started to see people for who they are and what their heart is, I think the world would be filled with love and understanding. I have met some of the most beautiful and absolutely gorgeous people in Albania, not because of their make-up they wore, because they didn't wear any. Not because of the clothes that they wore, because they weren't wearing fancy clothes.  Not because of their money, because they didn't have a lot. They are gorgeous and amazing because of their eyes, their smile, and the spirit they have about them. Eyes truly are the windows to the soul. I sat in church yesterday amazed at how amazing all these people who were at church were, because of the spirit that they had about them. You could see it in their eyes. I truly got taught an amazing lesson by the spirit yesterday, that we are all great in the sight of God. And, well if He can love me for whom I am; then why can't I love other people? I couldn't think of a worthy excuse, so I am going to change, at least do my best to love people how I should.  

I just want to tell you about probably the best thing that happened at the MTC. It was our last night at the MTC, our last Tuesday night devotional. Perjetshme. The speaker was Janice Kapp Perry and her husband. First off, their story about how they met is so adorable, it pretty much like Grandpa Tueller's story on the pick-up line Marjorie used on him "strong trumpet lips..." yeah. It was priceless. While Janice was telling this story when she got to that part, her husband stood up and kissed her! In the MTC! That was pretty awesome. Ha-ha, good times. Anyways, moving on. I want to talk about the power of primary songs. Janice Kapp Perry wrote another edition "as sisters in Zion". It is incredible. We sang a medley of about 6ish primary songs, and then it was time for her to end her talk and to end the devotional. She simply bore her testimony of the power of primary songs, and then she conducted the closing song. The closing song was a medley of "army of Helamen" and "As Sister's in Zion". All the sister missionaries sang As Sister's in Zion, as all the Elders sang "army of Helamen." It was incredible. The last verse we all stood up and sang; it was incredible. It seemed louder standing up than it was sitting down. I don't think I can adequately describe the impact that that song had on me. Primary songs are incredible and there is so much power associated with them. It reminds me of cute Grey-man, who would always hum "Give Said the Little Stream" and "I am a Child of God" where ever we went.  He was a great example to me of the impact that humming simple songs like that can have on your attitude. Primary Songs are amazing. This Church is True. The Book of Mormon is true. And I know, I  know, that God hears and answers our prayers. 

I love you all!!

Motra Zollinger