Friday, July 18, 2014

Keep Your Flag Up . . . Week 12

Hello my friends! :)

This past week was a great week! 

So, the weather here is crazy hot. And it is humid hot. Like lots. Everybody here really does sweat like pigs trying to pass peach pits; it is crazy. BUT, this week the weather was amazing!!!!!!!! :) Because we got some serious storms this week! On Thursday we were out in Kombinat for a lesson, and we have roof lessons out there, so pretty. So, it was pretty and we could tell a storm was a brewing, and then BAM the wind came and so we went inside. Ha-ha, Motra and I had some Marilyn Monroe moments because that wind was sneaky. Good thing we were teaching girls... I didn't know exactly what to say, so I just said "me fale" which is like my bad...I’m sorry. Ha-ha. So we had to end that lesson a little early because it is 30ish minutes from our apartment. By the time we got to the bus stop is was raining, and the lightning storms here are gorgeous!!! I was so giddy and so happy!! :) I had my missionary in a rain storm experience. It was pretty great. :) We have had storms every day for 4 days now. Thursday and Friday were bigger ones, and Saturday and Sunday were just nice breezy rains. 
We had a pet this past week. His name was Shooter or something sounding like that. It was a spider so I didn't care much for him. I would not kill it. At all. Motra said "who ever finds it kills it, that is the rule." I disagreed so we decided to leave it. But, then the mission president was going to come it had to be taken care of. Motra Russel did it. I contributed because she used my book to trap it. :) 

I had my first run in with a Jehovah Witness. That was interesting. 

We trade off with our phone, for who has to talk to the investigators and such. The first time that I had it, I said hello in Spanish. yeah... ;P hola and alo are really close to each other okay. Ha-ha. :)

I tried a Mars and lion bar. So good!!  

I have decided that the Best Two Years is a great movie. I feel like Elder Calhoun right now trying to get this language down. Especially when he is trying to sound out the words. It is so true. Ha-ha. Prime time to quote: with all the lofting and biking, mon octavern eshte muey kavorden. :) hehe jk. I just thought that it was a great time to do that quote, and I couldn't not seize the moment. 

Yesterday church went super well! We are teaching this little 8 year old, Sabrina. She is adorable. Earlier this week during our lesson, she turned to her mom and said "I want to sit by the Americans." ha-ha. Motra and I laughed so hard! So, yesterday during church we were sitting a few rows behind her and her mom. She turned to her mom and said "I want to sit by the Americans." 
She sat by me. I actually had a conversation with her! In Albanian! Granted it was quite small, but I didn't have to ask for help until the English. But, this is where the story gets good. So, during the opening hymn, I was concentrating really hard on trying to pronounce the words right and everything, I thought I was doing okay...ha-ha. Cute Sabrina looked at me, laughed, and patted me on the back. Then our investigator and her friend who were sitting behind me just started laughing. I was laughing too. I got sympathy from an 8 year Hahahaahaha!! Honestly, it made my day. She is such a cute and funny little girl.  

Yesterday in our lesson, we were talking about the example of Nephi to his brothers. Something that Elina said I thought was so powerful. She said how at their youth conference, the stake president was saying how their testimonies and standards are like their flag. And then she said "keep your flag up." I thought that that statement was so simple, but so true! Keep your flag up! Not at half mast, not at the bottom, but flying in the wind at the top—for all to see. Our testimony is our flag, and the pole and the rope that pulls the flag to the top is the gospel and the standards of the youth. The best way to be an example is by living what we believe, what we know. Even though the earth's standards and morals are constantly changing, God's standards are constantly constant. They are steadfast and immovable. Being a good example can go so far. It can be hard sometimes to stand up for what you know, but just like President Thomas S. Monson "stand up for something, even if it means standing alone." Be proud of who you are, and what you are- a Mormon—a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is no shame in being a disciple of Christ. There is no shame in being a Child of God. There will be times with the wind blows really hard on that flag or the flag gets rained on. But the storm always goes away and the sun always comes again. Just like night is never the conqueror, because morning always comes. The same is applicable here. Even though storms of trials come; our faith will help us through it; and Heavenly Father is always there for us and His Son, Jesus Christ. They love us so much; they are always there for us. Always. 

I know this church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. If you want to come closer to Heavenly Father and gain a relationship with our Brother, Jesus Christ then read that book. No one can ever come closer to God than through that book. That book contains indescribable happiness and joy. And you can know for yourself that this book is true; all you have to do is to start reading it and to pray to God to know if it really truly is true. It works. He will answer you. 

Have a great week! Don't forget to Smile because you are on God's camera. :) 

Motra Zollinger