Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving!!!! :D without olives...and it was amazing!! . . . Week 32

Hello Hello!! :) 

Wow. What a week! Wasn't it amazing? I absolutely had such an amazing time this past week and gosh, life is just so god! :) 

So many highlights from this week:
"THANK YOU USA'" Holiday

In Kosovo they have a "Thank You USA" holiday. Like a legit holiday. It was amazing. They have SO MANY American flags hanging up on the Boulevard and a mini concert too. It made street contacting really interesting. We street contacted as country music was our background. I was feeling so patriotic. I absolutely loved it! 

I successfully scared my companion. Ten points for Gryffndor. 

Our Recent Convert's cute little boy came up and gave me TWO HUGS. That is quite something. I got hugs from that little boy. 

Thanksgiving Mission Conference!! It was absolutely amazing!! The senoir couples were amazing chefs and made so much food for all of us. They baked 10 turkeys and so much food. It was so good. After we ate the heavenly food we had a talent/skit show. It was hilarious. So much laughter and so much happiness. Our district won the award for the funniest skit. We did a Book of Mormon Work out video (inspired by the Canyon Park Ward's girls camp skit about 3 years). It was so fun! I saw my MTC district. They are all doing so well and love them all! I also drank my first Dr. Pepper in 7 months... i was running on 2.5 hours of sleep and I needed something... haha. 

We had a photo shoot with Thanksgiving and they were of our districts. Ours was awesome. For the funny photo we didn't know what to turned out priceless. I will try and get the photo and give it to you Mom and Dad so you can post it on the blog. cause it is so priceless. 

Car drives with free entertainment from the one and only Elders Clawson and Jorgenson. They are great Elders. 

Albanian Flag Day!! :) We had a party at the church, and it was soo soo much fun! Oh my heavens! The best thing is that the members planned it. The missionaries just help set up the deocrations. Speaking of which, I hate balloons. We had to blow them up, and three of them popped as i was blowing them up. those are evil little things... But anyways, the party was amazing. Such yummy traiditional Kosovo/Albanian food, with a lot of juice. A lot of laughter and games and it was awesome. 

Yesterday as we were street contacting I talked to a guy that we had talked to a couple weeks ago. He is so cool. Here are some chunks from our conversation that I had with him.
         ME: are you excited for december? It is such a special month because we get to... HIM:      eat chocolate. eat lots of chocolate. let me know when you have some, i want to eat some.     Even though he was a hilarious guy to talk to, he really was awesome. He did say something that was absolutely amazing. He read my name tag and said "Motra... sister. Oh, you are a sister of Christ. Tell Him that I say hello." How amazing is that. This person is agnostic, he doesn't know what he really believes. But still that was one of his desires, to say hello to Christ. I thought it was absolutely amazing. 

I had a wonderful Thankgiving and I am especially grateful for Miracles. A miracle happened on Thanksgiving day driving home from Tirana. Thanksgiving day, we got up at 2:30 in the morning to get ready to drive four hours down to Tirana for the mission party. Personally, I was running on about 2.5 hours of sleep for that entire day. I think the same was for my companion and Elders Clawson and Jorgenson. Elder Clawson was the driver. After having spent the day down in Tirana, it was about 5:30 when we started to make the four hour drive back to Prishtine. As we were starting to get in the car (I have always sat on the right side of the car) and Elder McGrath was getting on that side so I just sat behind the driver's seat. Elder Clawson kept on saying how he was tired and how we needed to keep talking to make sure that he stays awake. We had food we were snacking on also. About a couple hours into the drive, we were getting higher up in the mountains.. I had slouched down to try and relax my legs and after a couple minutes it was too uncomfortable, so I had to sit up. As soon as I sat up I looked forward, and I can still remember what happened. and I don't know how we are still alive. We were coming around a bend, there was a semi on the other traffic line (it was just two way, with one lane so like going down 5th south from our house kind of linage) and there was a car that
Mission President and his wife in the middle
was speeding trying to pass the semi while we were already almost even with the semi. I swear time slowed down for those five seconds. I don't even know if Elder Clawson moved the car or not, but I remember feeling that car speed past us and it was literally inches away from us. It doesn't make sense, like I honestly don't know how that didn't hit us. Elder Clawson said that me changing positions had shifted the car a little which made Elder Clawson pay more attention and come out of his zoning out which gave him just seconds to react. I keep on thinking about what happened that night, and I am especially grateful for life this week. Who knows, if we had gotten hit, maybe another miracle would have happened and we would have all been okay; but, I know that we were protected. It doesn't make sense how we didn't get hit, but it makes sense to me because I know that we are protected as missionaries.Because of that experience I am grateful for so many things espeically this week. I am grateful for life, because that was a really really close call. I am grateful for prayers that I know so many people pray for missionaries, and their prayers are heard and are answered. I know that God watches over His missionaries, in every mission in every place. He protects them. 

I am also so grateful for the month of December. I am grateful for the gift and life of our Savoir and Redeemer Jesus Christ. He is the most precious gift from our Father in Heaven for all of us. Every person on the earth has this Gift, even if they do not know it. The Atonement of Jesus Christ affects and helps every single person every day. I am grateful for my Savoir and for His Gift and His Life and the chance that I have this month to reflect on His life and His goodness. I hope that this month we are able to take time to spread the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of Christ's life. to share the Gift given to all of us. #sharethegift

Have a wonderful week!! smile lots and serve lots!! :) 

Motra Zollinger

ps spread the spirit of Christ. hashtag share the gift for all of December. Youtube take over on December 7th (i think the 7th). It is going to be amazing, and there are going to be so many miracles. #sharethegift