Monday, August 31, 2015

The Plan of Happiness.... Week 70 .......... Oh my Goodness!!!!!!

Hello Hello!!! :) 

Motra Zollinger and Motra White!  ( I love these two Motra's -mom z)
I hope that you all have had a wonderful week this past week and that you have a great labor day tomorrow! :) This past week has been a great week; but the biggest test is if I can remember all the awesome things that happened... hehe

It is the last day of August. I am freaking out. I woke up this morning just groaning because it is the last day of August. Then I almost started to cry. But I couldn't start to cry this early, so i went and ate some food. 

The Chess war continues on. I think it is tied 5-5 now, or even 5-4. But it quite pathetic. haha, both of us are awful at chess and we both try different game strategies that never work out. We always start the game by moving the same pieces both both and try to distract each other through out the game with stories or food. haha, it is awful. haha. 

French! Yeah, that language that I studied for 6 years... I was able to use about two words that i remembered this week. "un peu". haha. we were street contacting and a man came up to us and said "you are mormons right?" and we of course said yes. He then was like "i have something to show you" and he pulled out his phone. I was a little worried at first thinking it was something weird or bad, but I looked at I really didn't see anything, just the time on the phone. He asked "did you see it?" I just said yes. and then my companion was like "yeah! the Book of Mormon!" I nodded and then was like "wait, what?! What Book of Mormon" and then I looked again, and alas it was the Book of Mormon. haha. This guy is from France and him and his wife just moved to Albania. He had some friends in Africa that told him about the Book of Mormon and he has started to read it and really likes it!  He spoke a little of french and I have missed the sound of french, it sounds so pretty! But we had a really good conversation with him and showed him where our church was. Then later this week he came for a baptism! It was super super cool!! 

The cute old lady that I talked about last week in my letter. Well she is atleast 80 ish years old. Yesterday she had left her house and started to walk to church when she fell. She cut her knee open and bruised her arms really bad. Luckily a member on their way to church as well was not too far behind her and was able to take her to the hospital and get stitches. So after church the elders came with us to take her the sacrament, and the Brother who helped her earlier that morning came with us as well. I was super worried about her because she is so old and fragile, so I was expected her to be merzit and sad and everything when we came over. We got to her apartment and knocked on the door and then she opened the door smiling and laughing because the Brother was at her house again. It was so neat though, because she was smiling ear to ear because she still got to take the sacrament. It was so sweet and such a cool experience. After the elders left we staid because she still wanted us to eat the food that she made for us that night before. So we stayed. This cute nena is quite impaired with her hearing and so we have to yell at her. She was laying on her cough to rest her legs, and she was played candy crush on her ipad as we ate the delicious stuffed peppers that she had made for us. It was hilarious because boy, does she like her candy crush! haha. it was funny!! Sister White talked to her as I hurried and cleaned up the kitchen for her...and accidentally broke her cabinet. I tried for like 5 minutes to put it back together. I barely touched that cabinet when it just fell down like it has been fouled, sorta like what Espindola did when he played for Real soccer. So for five minutes I tried fixing it, but couldn't. So I just walked back in the room with sweat dripping down my face and stress in my eyes and the cute lady just said "you tired?" Then as we were leaving, I told her that the cabinet had broke. I thought she would just laugh it off, but she didn't. She didn't get mad or anything, but she was like "who did it?" i just said "techinically, it did it itself, i barely touched the thing..." but thankfully Sister White was able to fix it. #phewithoughtiwasintrouble. haha. but it's all good. i ain't touching her cabinets anymore. 

We were visiting an active family earlier this week...i tried to do jokes about justin bieber with the girls... but it didn't work. it was awkward. because they thought i was talking about michael jackson. and then i thought their dog's name was one of the girls' fiance's many weird things happened that night... haha. 

Choir practices with the stake are always super fun. yesterday I couldn't not stop laughing though. Sister Dunn kept making faces at me and I would just start laughing and I tried to hide the laughter but then my face would go really red and I would start to shake when I look over and Sister Dunn is just perfectly composed as if nothing had happened. that sneaky sister. haha, it was hilarious. 

A family that Sister Russell and I started to teach my first transfer, I found out this past week that they are going to be sealed in the Switzerland temple in the end of September!!!!!! I was absolutely speechless. I am so happy and excited for them!!!! Hopefully I will be able to take a detour home to switzerland to go to their sealing and then head home. But we are working on it! :) 

Today for p-day we went to the big treg. This time the shopping didn't stress me out that much. Small victory! But, there was a huge pair of pants that someone put up, along with red underwear. I thought it was cool, it's not every day you see giant clothes like that.  So I took a photo. 

today we went to lunch at an american resteraunt. I had just gotten in the bathroom and locked the door when elder greener called. I didn't want to not asnwer it, because that would have been rude. So i answered it. he asked how to get to d-town (the name of the resteraunt). I told him to call another elder that we were with. but then he asked if i was with the other missionaries and I said yes, and he was like well, why can't you just give him the phone. it got quite and then I was just like "elder. I am in the bathroom." elder greener freaked out, haha, he was like "oh sister! gosh. bye!" haha. then when they showed up they told everyone what happened and my face was going so red. hah, so that totally happened today. note to self: just don't answer the phone next time. 

This past week we have found an amazing new investigator. She is such a sweet heart. She is 24 years old, and she is so open and prepared!! We have met with her the past 4 days and are meeting with her again tonight. I think that that is one of the most exciting things as a missionary, is that there is never a dull moment. Always, there is an amazing excitement inside of us that just fills our soul and every time I teach the lessons I learn something from the investigator and from my companion. That happened this week. Yesterday we taught her the Plan of Salvation. My testimony was strengthened of the simplicity and the grace of that wonderful plan. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and that we have a wonderful Savoir and Redeemer who has saved us all. I am grateful for Christ's obedience to His Father and to His Father's plan so that we could all be saved. I am so grateful for the un-ending gift of the Atonement. I know that my Savoir lives and that He loves us. I know that He lives and that He helps us each and every day. The Atonement is there to help us; but it can't help us as fully as it can if we do not open the gift through prayer and faith. But, when we do open the gift of the Atonement, our lives change! 

Have a wonderful week! Smile lots serve lots and treasure trials!! :) 

I love you all! 


Motra Zollinger