Wednesday, August 5, 2015

To See Through His Eyes.... week 66

Hello Hello!!! :) 

Motra Z and Motra White In Tirana, Albania
I sure do hope that everyone had a super great week! This past week was a super great week like always!! 

First off: I wanted to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful MOM!!!! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!!! I love you tons!! I will be celebrating it here with lots of yummy delicious ice cream or something super unhealthy like that. :) 

Secondly: happy birthday to the Twins!!! I hope that you get a pixie stick cake, haha, i don't even know if that's a thing.. :) but that'd be awesome! 

Let's see. Let's see. haha, i feel like this is the part that I always fail at. Remembering what happened this week. My journal has all the updates, but my mind isn't always in gear with my journal. As soon as I write it down, I forget it. blah. haha. 

Motra Z with her "tan line"  
Big Ben with Mora Z
Let's see. Vap. It is super hot, but i have gotten quite tan this week... or should I say burnt. This week we were street contacting for 2 hours. I put a little bit of sunscreen on my nose, and that's it. We were right in the direct sunlight. I could feel the heat in my feet and I was quite excited because I didn't have a good food tan line from my shoes. But boy did I get it, but only on the right food. I got super burnt up top, where my bag was and everything. People this week keep on asking me if I went to the beach, I would just laugh and say "yeah, the beach on the street" hehe. But yeah, it is a really great sun burn that I got. My companion was nice enough to let me use her aloe vera goo stuff. Which helped. Then today, I got another burn from being outside, and so now I have two weird tan lines on my neck. haha. what do you do! haha. 

 Tirana got 4G this past month. It is all over tirana. It has actually been super cool to see. haha, it is awesome! they had a cool display on the nena tereza square today. With parts of the world in the square. So we took a picture by the big clock tower, apparently it is called Big Ben. ha, who woulda thunk. 

Frozen Yogurt
We found the most delicious frozen yogurt place here! It is so stinkin' good. And unlike America, here you first pay for the size that you want and then you call load it all up with as much as it can hold. hehe, it is the best thing ever. we only went there twice this week. But it is so so so good!!! :) 

Yogurt after soccer aka Futbol
Our investigator came to church for all 3 hours for the first time yesterday!! :) And she has the most adorable little girls as well! :) 

A girl in the T4 ward got her mission call today, and she is going to the Salt Lake City Utah mission!!! :D I am so so so excited for her!!!! 

Yesterday we went street contacting, and a cute old couple let us into their house! That was the second time that that has happened in my entire mission, so when she asked if we could come in I almost denied it and said "no that's okay..." but then I was like "of course!" haha. it was so much fun! They didn't end up being interested in the religious aspect, but boy did we laugh a lot talking with each other. They were such a cute couple!! :) 

On top of Pyramid
Pday activity on top of "pyramid"
Today for p-day we climbed up the big Tirana pyramid. That was a lot of fun. It was super steep and fun climbing up but climbing down was a little different. haha, but we are all alive and well. It was a lot of fun though! We all went to the big garden in Tirana...but it was all dead. Just because of how it looked, I was expecting a dinosaur to jump out anywhere, just because of the layout and everything, but it was still a lot of fun. 

We are going up to Prishtina this week for our Zone Conference with the Kosovo zone!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Yeah!!! :D 

Motra Z
Motra White
A couple days ago, I had a really neat experience, atleast it was to me. We were street contacting by 21shi. Something that we try to do as we street contact is to say hi to every single person that walks by. We do our best to try and talk to everyone. I saw a homeless man walking my way, he didn't have a shirt on, he looked super dirty with his hair ruffled and his hands all black from the dirt and his living conditions. But, I wanted to talk to him, because all I could think about was "this is someone's brother". So I said hi to him. This man looked taken back, and he just stared at me. I smiled and asked how he was doing, and he responded. He was toothless and had a weird accent so it was hard to understand him, but I tried my best to understand what he was saying. As I started to talk to him, I wondered when was the last time that the man had a nice friendly conversation with someone. Even though we didn't necessarily talk about religion, I just talked to him. I got to find out how many people were in his family, how many siblings he had and how he was doing that day. If anything, for a couple seconds I got to have a glimpse of who he was, and who he is in God's eyes. This man had the purest and the brightest tan eyes that I have ever seen. I was able to see such a pure spirit on the street, and I learned again that it doesn't matter what is on the outside appearance, because the eyes really are the windows to the soul. I was so grateful that I was able to talk to this man! I know that we can all be lifted up by others, whether they are homeless or not. We are all Children of God. we all have such a price and worth in the eyes of God, and when we are able to see others through His eyes are the times that we can experience some of the most humbling and spiritual situations, no matter where we are. I know that it is true, God loves each and everyone of us. Everyone of us. 

I hope that you all have an incredible and great week! Smile lots, serve lots,and treasure trials!! :) 

I love you all!! 


Motra Zollinger