Monday, July 27, 2015

It will All be Worth it.... Week 65 (Wahoooooo!!!!!!!)

Hello hello!!! :) 
a beautiful Albanian sunset...
2 "9" floors, Motra Z was worried

I hope that everyone had such a wonderful week this past week and that they had safe celebrations for Pioneer day!! :) 

Wow. This week just FLEW by *vroom vroom* that is the noise that this week made. Honestly though, it went by super super fast. Not cool Robert Frost!! But hopefully that will be good though so that everyone came come back from pushim. 

Don't forget Harry Potter's birthday on Friday. Don't let the muggles get you down, use your wands to make fireworks. :) 

A sweet member Motra Z loves
This week, one of our investigators invited us to eat lunch with them. It was a simple tomatoe, cheese, and bread lunch. It was super super yummy!! Her sister and brother-n-law have been visiting her from Turkey (and they are learning from the missionaries in Turkey as well) and so we were asking her sister and her husband how they met. It was an arranged marriage, me and sister white thought it was super cool-so we just kept asking them questions! Sister White was asking a question right as our investigator took a sip of her tea, and i guess what she had said was funny because our investigator almost snorted the tea out of her nose and then we all just busted out laughing. I started to cry i was laughing so hard. It was good bonding time. Later that week, we brought over some cookies that we had made. They really liked the cookies but then towards the end she just looked at us and said "these would be better without chocolate, just the plain cookie dough. Can you teach me how to make it?" haha, cookies without chocolate? don't know if those would taste good, but we'll try. :) hehe. it was awesome! 

I went on an exchange this week with Sister Chesher! She is amazing and we had such a great exchange! They had a big bag of starbursts in their apartment. I don't know how it happened, but somehow a lot of the starbursts just unwrapped themselves and then they just kept on walking into my mouth and then my mouth started to chew them. I don't know how it happened. But it wasn't all of the starbursts...just a lot of the red and pink ones. Weirdest thing ever. She also had Macaroni and Cheese in her apartment! I felt like a little five year old. I just smiled super big and asked if we could make it. I was giggling so hard inside, i didn't even realize that I had missed that stuff. yum yum yum. hehe. It was such a great exchange though! I love the missionaries in this mission. It is a family mission. Sister Chesher is an amazing missionary and what a great family she has as well. Unfortunately, we didn't have a picture taken. But I will have to get one with her in the coming weeks. 

A sweet member who reminds Motra of her own Grandma
Motra Z was SO excited to take this picture!!
On Friday we did service. We went and cleaned up the main park, just sweeping the leaves on the side walk. It was a lot of fun!! haha, but a war started that day. I hadn't even done anything to Elder Greener, my halo was above my head like it always was... but i was going to tell him a funny knock knock joke as he was scooping up some leaves and other garbage he had gotten with it, and then he poured it on my head. NOT COOL ROBERT FROST. that punk. haha. ever since then I have been trying to think of ways to get back at him, but they have been epic fails. I tried tripping him with the broom on the way back from service but it didn't work. And the other day while we were at the church, I saw him and his companion walking towards the church. So I ran and got my water bottle and when they were walking under the window I threw some water, and tried getting him but I missed and accidentally got his companion. ....woops. I don't know if he knows what war he started... hehe. i think i might just go buy water balloons this week. :) hehe. 

Futbol was fun on saturday! It was super hot and we had a lot of investigators and members show up as well, which was super super cool and so much fun!! 

True Motra Z!  with a dear Motra Hysa!
We (all the fourth ward elders and President and Sister Weidmann) went and visited a member for her 20th anniversary of her baptism. It was a lot of fun!!! That member is absolutely amazing and such an incredible example for me. She has only missed church twice in the last 20 years! 20 years!! Holy cow. She is such a strong member and so incredible. It was so much fun to be at her house and to learn from her testimony! 

So today, I tried giving Elder Temple a haircut. He asked me if I knew how to, and so i said "no. but it doesn't look that hard." well...... i gave it my best. We went to the institute building where our district was playing games and we were going to do the haircut there. I started to cut at his hair, but then Sister Hysa was just teasing me throughout it and I was getting stressed and I was worried that I was just going to mess up his hair super bad! Sister Dunn, who has cut hair before, I stopped what I was doing and turned around and whispered in a panic "does this look okay?!" and she just started to laugh so hard. and then we just started to laugh, but Elder Temple got super stressed out because he thought that I had cut off a huge chunk of his hair, haha. So I just let Sister Dunn take over because she knew what she was doing. hehe. that was exciting... 

On Saturday we had an amazing activity. We watched 17 miracles!! I was so excited to watch that movie, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. If anyone has not watched that movie, I highly highly suggest it! It was so humbling to watch the movie and to learn of the experiences that some of these early saints went through to come to Zion, and all I could think of during the movie was how some of those people were my ancestors. How my family did that. A lot of them died coming to Zion, and all of them suffered. I can't imagine doing that, having suffered what they suffered to watch my kids or siblings or parents die and hopelessly suffer. I can't imagine ever doing that. I am so grateful for my ancestors and how they sacrificed so much, some of them their lives, so that they could come to Zion.  During the closing prayer I was thinking about everything that they had done and all the suffering and how hard they had it and the thought came into my mind "and you are complaining that it is too hot". That hit me in the gut when that thought came into my mind. Then immediately the saying came into my mind "It'll all be worth it." It is so true as well!  Every suffering, sacrifice, or hard thing that we go through in this life for God and for this church is a marvelous and a glorious time for us! Hard times make us stronger, and honestly we everything will be worth it! We don't need to worry about the details of it, about how it will be better or why or anything like that. It is in God's hands, our loving Heavenly Father and everything will all be worth it when we kneel before His feet and wipe His feet with our tears. Everything is worth it. 

I love you all! Have an amazing week! Smile lots serve lots and treasure trials!!! :) 


Motra Zollinger