Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Attitude is Everything..... week 38

Hello Hello!! :) 

Doth Mother Knowest Thou Wearest Her Drapes? okay, that was random. Sometimes random quotes come into my mind, like yesterday during lunch with the elders. One of the elders was trying to describe one of the Macedonian elders and said "He has red hair." and then I took that moment and said "and a hand-me-down robe, you must be a Weasley." #tenpointsforgryffndor
Okay, anyways. haha. :) So this past week has been a super eventful week, so here are some highlights. 

I faced one of my fears and got a haircut. I got side bangs. It was one of my fears because the person I went to speaks no english what so ever and I don't know the hair cut vocabularly in Albanian. I was freaking out a little as she was cutting it cause she had to blend the bangs in with the rest of the hair so it didn't look repulsive so a little more got cut in the front, but i was satisfied with it. plus it was only like 3 euros. Hot dog!

We got a lot of snow this week!! It has been so much fun!! :) We got more last night and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! :D 

You know that moment when you are trying to be funny at no one laughs? It's the worse. But, when you are trying to be funny or you aren't even trying to be funny and people think you are hilarious? Yeah, best feeling ever. Well Tuesday night we went to our recent convert's house. The dad, he has a mustache thing (I think that's what it is called) the long hairs above the upper lip, and he has curly white hair. Well, it occured to me that he looked like Albert Einstein. So I told him that on Tuesday night. He laughed so hard!!! haha, it was awesome!!

So a lot of the members when teaching them the commandment to not take the Lord's name in Vain, it doesn't always click. We were at the church and one of the members took the Lord's name in vain and I just looked at the member and I said "Bill. Don't say that word. Say fat instead." Bill: "fat? Really sister zollinger?" ME: "Yes, it works. Try it." Oh and btw his name really isn't Bill, that's not an albanian or kosovarian name. But moving on... on Tuesday this week he came to english class. After english class I realized he still had a pant sticker on his pants so i told him and he just looked down and was like "oh my fat!" haha!! I laughed so hard! I gave him a high five and was like "it's awesome isn't it?" he agreed. haha. 

For institute we tried making a building out of raw pasta without talking to our team. It was hard! The competition was to see who could make the highest one... well... it was difficult. The girls team won by the way... i got weird looks from some of the members because as I was using the tape to tape the pasta together I had a strategy (the same strategy I did whenever I put cookies down on the cookie sheets) 2 for me, one for them, 2 for me, one for them. I guess people here don't snack on raw pasta... who woulda thunked. 

This week while street contacting there was a little dog that walked past with it's owner. I was just staring at it (it was like 2 feet infront of me) and I was thinking "oh how cute. it's a quiet dog too." but then right when this dog was infront of me it turned and just barked at me. How rude. ;)  It scared me so bad! I jumped. and I just went "ooooohhhhhhh" in a high voice and my companion is sortof scared of dogs so she screamed and jumped back. The elders on the other side of the street sure did get a kick out it.  We were all laughing so hard about it. But honestly, it was such a small dog. That sneaky sneaky dog. I'm pretty sure my guardian angels were just laughing so hard... ha, cheap entertainment for them. 

Saturday we played futbol. One of the elder's investigators is hilarious. He is loud. haha. playing soccer he calls my companion "sister!" and he calls me "teacher". I don't know why, but he does. So we were all on the same team and as we were playing you'd randomly hear "oh sister, you missed..." or " oh sister! way to go!" and for some reason when he speaks english it is in a mexican accent or spanish accent, domethene that when he says sister or teacher it reminds me of nacho libre. 

So yesterday sister and I were in a room in the church doing some studies before a meeting, and the Elders just opened the door and made a weird noise and they scared me so bad. I am going to get my revenge on them this week. 

So in the first week of december I cut up some oranges and put it in the kettle with some water and cinnamon so that the house could smell like christmas. The problem is that I forgot that I had it in the kettle. And in the middle of last week I lifted the lid of the kettle and saw a lot of white stuff and thought "oh cool! why is there sugar in here" but then I saw some green stuff and realized the white stuff was really fuzzy... yeah, it was sick nasty mold. maybe I'll use that to get revenge on the elders. ;) just joking. I have a heart. That kettle is going straight to the garbage. blah. 

This week I learned the importance of attitude. This past week I think has been the hardest week of my mission. Especially in the aspect of teaching people. 3 of our investigators dropped us, and we went two almost three days without having one lesson. It isn't that we didn't have any lessons planned, we did. But all of the lessons got prished (cancelled). One day after our fourth lesson of that day got prished I had had about enough. I sat down on a chair, looking over my shoulder to the ground and said  "IT'S JUST CAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE A BODY ISN'T IT SATAN, YOU FATHEAD." Stupid satan. That next day tender mercies happened. President Weidmann sends out a text every morning to all of us and his text was talking about going through hard times. It was amazing. That day we also had weekly planning. Me and Sister Riley talked to each other about how we aren't going to get down on ourselves. Because that would just make Satan happy to get discouraged and we ain't doing that. So that day we made it a goal to try and to be so positive and optimistic. Like really positive and optimistic. We had street contacting that day. The coolest thing happened, because we talked to these two girls, and they were interested in the Book of Mormon and learning more. I asked them if they had time right then to go to the church for a lesson, and they said yes! Sister Riley and I were so excited and happy! That was such a tender mercy from the Lord! The lesson went really well with them and they are now our new investigators. That to me was a blessing and a way of Heavenly Father telling us that it's okay, to keep moving forward. I feel like that happened because we decided that day to be as happy as we could and to not let our selves get discouraged. That is one thing that I have learned since being a missionary is how real the Enabling Power of the Atonement is. The Atonement helps and enables us every single day. It helped me so much this past week. We are able to look back on hard times with gratitude in our hearts and a smile on our faces Because of Him. Because of Christ's atonement. It describes in perfectly in Alma 7: 11-12. That is the reason for happiness, peace, love, and all that is good in the world. It is Because of our Savoir Jesus Christ. It is because He is the Gift. I testify that Christ does live. He is our Savoir and our Big Brother. I pray that we all will accept Him and His Atonement and let It into our lives. Because by doing this we will stop existing and we will start living. Christ lives and loves you. He is the Gift and everything is possible Because of Him. I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Have a wonderful week! Smile lots and serve lots! 

Motra Zollinger

if you have about 5 minutes of spare time, I highly HIGHLY recommend this video. It gave me goosebumps.