Monday, January 26, 2015

God Answers ..... week 40

Hello Hello!! 

This is the last week of January! Holy cow. Where does the time go, this month has gone by so fast. This is crazy sauce. This past week has been a great week and the next week is going to be such a great week as well because we have zone conference! I can't wait!! 

Anywho here are some of the highlights from this past week: 

So there are these delicious things called Kinder Eggs. They are yummy and they have these cool packages inside of the eggs, it is better than a happy meal! The elders are on a hunt to get all the fairies that are inside of them. I am trying to collect as many as I can because it's chocolate. haha, so we have quite a collection of random prizes from those eggs. The Albi market is judging us with all the kinder eggs we buy. They probably think that it is just an American thing or something. haha. 

Pristina, Kosovo
So this week while street contacting, I think I was the boldest that I have ever been. First, a side note: one of the biggest culture etiquette differences here, is that it is totally kosher here to cut people off as you talk to them. Okay, now moving on. So on Tuesday we had a long day full of talking to people on the boulevard. Which was so much fun! I love street contacting so much! Anyways, so we were talking to a group of 3 boys. We introduced the Book of Mormon to them and we were saying how we can learn more of Christ through this book. One of the boys, he took that as an opportunity to attack Christ's name and His role for us. I didn't want to argue with him, so I testified to him about Christ and His importance in our lives. This young man, he cut me off. He cut me off mid sentence testifying of my Savoir. I just stopped talking and stared at him. He then continued to attack the name of Christ and he told me that the Book of Mormon isn't true and that in fact our religion wasn't true, that we didn't have the truth. I am not one to rebut people, but I got a wave of courage talking to him, and I was not going to let him say any degrading thing like that towards our church and towards my Savoir without me defending their names. I looked at him in the eyes and said "Jo. Ti s'ke te verteten. Ne kemi te verteten." (No. You don't have the truth. We have the truth.) This threw off the boy and he just stared at me, and he said what. So, I repeated it for him. And then I told him that he can know what the truth is as well if he reads the Book of Mormon. This street contact with the boys didn't go anywhere, he just wanted to argue and I was not going to hear someone insult the Book of Mormon, Jesus Christ, or this church in front of me any longer. So I told them to have a good day and told them that they are welcomed to come to church. I have never been that bold in a street contact before, but looking back I know that I wasn't alone. I had support and help from God. 

Elder Jorgenson mixing the cookie dough
According to Elder Jorgenson I am needed on some zombie apocalypse teams so that I can blow my nose to warn everyone that the apocalypse has started. #itisagifttosoundlikeanelephantwhenyoublowyournose :) haha

SOME of their cookies
For service this week we decided to make cookies for all of the members in the branch. We made about 150 cookies, and it took 4 hours to do. The cookie dough was so big that the hand mixer we were using wasn't working so Elder Jorgenson used his

Mustache monday for the sisters..

hands. It was quite an eventful service time! 

power lines in Kosovo....  She said "No! I don't touch!
I have started to joke in Albanian. It is so much fun! I always joke around with a recent convert family that we visit every week. I think that is one of the best feelings ever is when people laugh when you are trying to be funny. 

We played futbol this week. I didn't hurt anyone. #thanksheavens

This week I had a really amazing experience. A couple weeks ago in an email to my Mission President I asked him a question, just expecting him to answer it for me and to tell me the answer. You need to understand, my mission president, he is so spiritual! He is prophet material, so I was sort of expecting him to be able to answer the question for me. But, he didn't do that. He gave me a scripture reference to read, and then he told me "when you get your answer, call me and let me know what your answer is. I am interested to see what God teaches you." That surprised me. Because it showed the confidence that the Mission President had i me and my ability to get an answer to my own question. What I learned this week is that God answers our prayers and the questions that we ask Him and that anyone can receive personal revelation. God, He knows everything. He is the author of knowledge, science, wisdom, everything. When we want to know something He is our best source. He will teach us and help us learn. He will guide us as we learn through the scriptures and as we sincerely pray and just talk to Him. I am so grateful for the confidence that President Weidmann showed me by asking me to find the answer on my own, and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father was merciful enough to help me. I know that prayer is real. God listens to our prayers, and that He answers. Sometimes we have to wait for the answer, but it always comes. 

Have a wonderful week! smile lots and serve lots! 

Motra Zollinger