Monday, February 16, 2015

Carry Your Crosses.... week 42

Hello Hello!!! 

What Motra Z  made for the Valentine's Day YSA Branch Party
strawberries for the party
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Or as I went around saying, happy VL day (but that was only applicable to a few... hehe). I hope that everyone had a super great day! I had a lot of fun on that day. I made the Elders Valentine's and cooked them their favorite cookies. And don't worry, the valentine's day card for the elder's was like the least romantic one ever; all thanks to my little brother Parker for giving me the idea. 

Also, Happy Birthday to my brother Jonathan!! A big two three. That is crazy stuff. Ya old fart. BUT, you are going to be a dad soon, what an awesome present that is! Have a great day brother! 

an albaninan couple 
This week was quite an adventurous week. On Tuesday me and Sister Riley went down to Tirana for a trainers/trainee meeting. It was amazing. I swear, President Weidmann is just absolutely incredible. The meeting was super super good and I got to see my friends! I got to see Sister Coleman and Elder Befus and Sister Bezus! I was super super happy! It was blast! I got to eat at timeout as well and I bought two awesome dictionaries!! It was really fun! On the bus ride i was exhausted but I couldn't sleep. I also drank an entire liter of water in a two hour bus-ride. That was entertaining. haha, but it was fun! 

Elder Jorgenson's nap
So, we were grounded again this week.... for a few days (this time we stayed in street clothes as well). Elders Temple and Jorgenson translated atleast six mormon messages! Elder Jorgenson also took a nap, in what looked like a super uncomfortable position, which I got a photo of... #sneaky. But yeah, we had good district bonding time. We still were able to have lessons at the church as well, which was awesome! 

Her english teaching..
For english course we did dancing words and such. We taught them the "Michael Jackson moon walk" and the worm. haha. I tried doing the worm infront of the class and boy was that embarassing. haha. I was in the street clothes on this day btw, wasn't in a skirt. But, it looked like a worm that got electricuted or a worm that was trying to wiggle away from a spider or something. I got my feet up in the air and then i crashed. haha. 

Valentine's day. Friday night we realized that we didn't have an activity for Valentine's day. Most of the members here in Prishtina are YSA. So, we had to do something. Sister and I decided to make a valentine's party. For some reason we did a dance. I was reminded on Saturday just how much I hate dances and dancing. haha, it was crazy. I did dance a little though because I realized that I was pooping at my own party. So I danced a little. There was really good food and stuff. haha. The members and those that came were having fun so I was having fun. I had a lot of fun watching them. So it was a success. 

Yesterday after church we went to the Branch President's house for lunch. The Bodell family is the most amazing family! They have the cutest kids ever and gosh I love that family! We had yummy tacos and Sister Bodell teased me a little about the olives (she was with me when I discovered that olives have pits in them). So they have a little 3 year old boy who loves the Disney movie Cars. I told them that I absolutely love that movie as well, the mom and dad just laughed. But then I was like "no, i honestly love that movie." I told them how I had Mater and McQueen pillows back home and such and they started to believe me. Well, anyways. This little boy has all of the cars in the movie. and I mean all of them. He even has two maters. Well, I was super excited with Karyn asked her little boy if I wanted to go play with him with his cars. I was right over at the table playing with them. It was a lot of fun! like A LOT of fun! Well the little boy had to go take a nap, so i got all the cars to myself. I was totally kenaqing. :) hehe. 

The result of "fighting a bear"...  
Today for p-day we went to the national park. It was a lot of fun! I unfortunatley picked super bad shoes to wear at this park, because I wasn't expecting it to be wet there. but it was. haha. We threw the football around. I wound up to throw the football (aka finding my inner Tebow) and then I totally slipped in the mud. I guess I ended up pulling a Laker's instead because I totally failed. well yeah. A companionship came late to the park so I just pointed at my shoes and my jeans and said "you missed it. I fought a bear and I won." haha. that was exciting. 

I have started falling in love with the Book of Mormon. Honestly, falling in love. Especially Captain Moroni, Helamen, and the Stripling Warriors. hehe. :) They're amazing! I just wanted to share what I learned yesterday from personal study. Ever since coming on a mission the phrase "take up your crosses" has really puzzled me. Yesterday I realized what it could mean, atleast what it means to me. To me, it means carrying the name of Christ. Anyone can say that they believe in Christ, and yes when we are baptized we take Christ's name upon us. So we hold that cross. BUT, a real disciple of Christ will carry that cross. They will carry that cross through the rain, snow, hail, sunshine. Christ carried His own cross to be nailed to after He had suffered in the garden of Gethsemane, after He had been whipped and been treated so unhumanily; He still carried His cross for us. He walked to the Hill of Golgotha for us. Why can't we carry His name? Yes, we are going to face discouragement or even ridicule for such a holy cross that we carry. But it is a privelege!! Only Christ knows how it feels to have those slivers dig into our fingers from the weight, only He knows how tiring that walk can be, and the energy that it takes to do it. Because Christ did it first, we dont have to do it alone. We can carry Christ's name with Christ. We are never alone. He is with us always. I know that Jesus is the Christ. The Son of the Living God. He suffered and died for us. He asks us to live for Him. Obey His commandments, accept Him and what and who He is. That is the only way to have a true joyful life. 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! Smile lots and serve lots! :) 

Motra Zollinger