Monday, March 16, 2015

Primary Principles..... week 46

Hello Hello!!! :) 

Happy Birthday again to my oldest Sister!! I am glad that you had a super great birthday!! 

This week was an adventurous week and a super great week! 

I feel like I might have unintentionally started a little battle with these little gang of boys that show up to our English course. I wasn't the one who started it though, but I am pretty sure that I am going to be finishing it. So this week, the little gang of goobers came into english course. That was their first mistake that day. Just joking. They really weren't bad at all. They were doing fine. They came in, I gave them the look that said *you better be quiet today boys...* the boy totally got my message because he sat down and stuck out his toungue at me and made a silly face at me. Two can play that game. Yes, I was at the front of the classroom and I made a face back at this kid. They were doing fine all throughout the lesson because they didn't give me a reason to make them leave. But then after the closing prayer, the two boys started to fight. One put the other in a headlock. Are you kidding me?! We are in a church for heavens' sake. So, I got the wonderful privelege of breaking that fight up. I got them seperated and then I got hold of the one who instigated it and I dragged him out of the church. I think I surprised some of the elders or something because they just stared at me with big eyes and I was just like "well, that was fun...". haha. We'll see if they show up to English course tomorrow. I might bring a squirt bottle or something. hehehe.

Book of Mormon cake
woopie cake
So whenever anyone in my district has a birthday I tell them that I will make any treat or food that they want for their birthday. This week we had two birthdays. Elder Rasband's birthday was on Tuesday, he wanted a Libri i Mormonit cake. So, I did my best to make him a Book of Mormon cake... then Elder Temple had his birthday on Friday the 13th. He wanted a Whoopie Pie. Well, I had never made this before in my life and it was taking a lot time to do single whoopie pies, so I just made him a super big one, except it started falling apart as we sang to him. All the elders got unicorn candles, it was a lot of fun! Except I never sing happy birthday because I don't know how to sing it the normal way... because we never do that in our house... so i didn't know what to do... haha

Motra Boettinger and Motra Zollinger
gjakova, kosovo
gjakova, kosovo
This week I went on an exchange with wonderful Sister Boettinger to Gjakova and to Peja. It was absolutely gorgeous over there! It was so fun spending time with Sister Boettinger. She was the sister who took me out the first day when I got in country, so it was really cool to spend time with her. She has been there for me since day one of the mission and I hate saying goodbye. She leaves with Sister Russell and Elder McGrath and others in two weeks. I hate goodbyes. But the exchange went super well! I took a lot of photos of that place too! It was fun to spend time with the Elders in Gjakova and Peja as well. 

We had another party this week! That was super cool, it was all the members in Kosovo and they came up to our branch and we had an awesome party! ...except there was dancing. The highlight of every dancing party is that I am reminded how much I absolutely hate dancing. So that's nice, it just gets bigger and bigger each time people try to make me dance. ;) haha. Honestly though, the party went super super well. A lot of people showed up and it was a lot of fun! One of the recent convert's sons, he is about 3 years old, I was trying to get him to dance with me but he wouldn't... but it was towards the end of the night and I was starting to walk out of the room and then this cute little boy he grabbed my hand and he started to dance with me. He is a precious cute little kid. Overall it was a great night! :) 

This past sunday I had the neat oppurtunity to teach Primary with my companion. President and Sister Bodell's little boy, Moses, was the only kid that showed up to Primary that day. He is my cars buddy. But, it was so much fun! We talked to him about the temple. But he was playing with his Cars stickers and so I said "if McQueen and Sally got married in the temple they would be together forever." I never knew that you could teach someone about the temple using Cars. It worked pretty well though. I loved being in Primary, because it made me think back to all the good days when I was in primary. It reminded me of when I was little and innocent. But in all honesty, I was surprised when Moses started singing to the primary songs and that I still knew a lot of the words and the motions to the songs. It made me so grateful for Primary. I am so grateful for all of my teachers who taught me and helped me start to gain my testimony. I am especially grateful for my parents. I remember when I was a little girl how before they tucked me in at night, they would help me say my prayers. They taught me what faith was and who Christ is. I never thought in a thousand years that I would be doing the same thing. I am here as a missionary, I am teaching people to pray to God for their first times ever. I am teaching people what faith is and how to grow it. I am teaching them who Christ is. I love with all my heart what I am doing. I think it is the neatest experience when I am trying to think of how to explain to someone in a way that they'll understand as to what faith is, or how to pray, or our articles of faith and it just tickles my soul when primary songs come to my mind first. I will forever be grateful for Primary and for all that my parents have done for me. and overall for what Heavenly Father has done for me and blessed me with. I am blessed beyond what I deserve and I am so grateful for all that I have. I am grateful that I am able to be here and to teach people about the gospel and to help them so that it will bless their lives. I know that this church is true. I know that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. I love them with all my heart. Lean on them. They will always be there for you. 

Have a wonderful week! smile lots serve lots and treasure trials. :) 

I love you all!! 


Motra Zollinger