Monday, March 2, 2015

Take off the chains of the past and walk into the future free.... Week 44

Hello hello!!!!!! :) 

Motra Z !
This past week has been a super great week!! I had so many camilleisms. Oh my goodness they were bad. I didn't know that my blonde moments could have gotten as bad as they did this week. haha. I was speechless after I had found out what I had said. haha. prepare yourselves family:

a park in Pristina
we were on the boulevard and two american soldiers are walking by. One of them is Brother Eyerly that comes to church. So my companion was talking to him, and he has a girl soldier with him. I didn't know what to say, but I had to start some conversational starter. (Note: they were in their american uniforms). So I just look at her and say: "so are you from America?" I am pretty sure in her head she was just thinking "who is this girl..." but she politely smiled and me and yes that yes, she was from America. I was so embarassed after I realized that I had just asked the stupidest question on the planet. haha. Stupid questions do exist people. haha. Thankfully Brother Eyerly didn't hear it or else he would have teased me so bad for that!! haha. 

Elders being "ducks" (??)
So a member is doing Albanian courses with us so that we can learn gheg better and everything. This member is like wikipedia though. He knows random facts. He knows the cities of like everyplace. He was quizzing us (I am awful at geography...alaska...need I say more...). So, yeah. He just looked at me and said "zollinger what states border Mexico?" My response was: "I know that. New Mexico, Texas, and New Orleans." Yeah, just incase anyone didn't know, New Orleans is a city in Lousiana and it doesn't border Mexico. In my defense, the map that is inside my mind, well it does border louisiana as well. All the maps on the internet just have it wrong. Trust me. I would know. ;) haha. It was embarassing and hilarious at the same time. 

We had A LOT of people show up to english class this week. We had about 50-60 people. Which you might not think is a lot, but trust me. That is the most that I have seen since coming to Prishtina. I was a little intimidated because of so many people that showed up... so I cracked jokes during english class. I was saying stuff quieter that I didn't think people would hear. For example this man about 50, he said that his favorite color was purple. I said "how manly." but I was totally teasing (and no fense to any male who likes the color purple, i ain't judging), and then some people heard it and just started laughing. i just looked at them and said "you weren't supposed to hear that." haha. 

More evidence 
Evidence of the rain
The rain came pouring down this week!! We were street contacting as the rain came pouring down and well, my skirt got saturated!! haha, it was awesome!! I love the rain! I was already wet as well so I was splashing in the puddles and jumping in them. We both were. haha, we got A LOT of weird looks. 

An Elder this week called us to ask for style/matching advice on his clothing. I just giggled. That has never happened to me before, and it was actually quite fun. I told him that an orange suit with a purple tie would look better than a blue suit with a pink tie (haha, just joking.... ).

 Motra Z's homemade cinnamon rolls
Motra Z's handdrawn gift for a 3 year old
I attempted to make cinnamon rolls yesterday for the first time. It worked! Miracles still do happen! haha. Yesterday we had some birthday parties for a couple members. It went really well! It was a lot of fun! I drew Lightning McQueen for the little boy's 3rd birthday. I was having a lot of fun drawing it too. :) 

" I made a meme for the ward to remind them to stay reverent when they are in
 the church building, even if they are here just hanging out. I figured
 elder holland would do the trick. :) " (Translated in english "Silence")
This week I have realized another part of the Atonement that I didn't know really existed. First, I want to share a poem that I grown to love: 

"Come to the edge" he said. No, we'll fall.
"Come to the edge" he said. No, we'll fall.
"Come to the edge" he said. So we came to the edge and we flew. 

I love this poem because it is short and simple but it is so powerful!! This week I realized how strong the Atonement is and how much it helps us move from the past. I feel like the past are like chains (whether it be from mistakes, experiences, or just life in general), we all get chains that grow onto our feet and at one time or another it will hold us and restrict us. We cannot break these chains, they are too powerful for us. These are chains that can be made of sin, sadness, discouragement, doubt, and so many other things that are signs of satan. The only power that can destroy these chains is the power that comes from Christ. It is the Atonement. Christ overcame death, He performed miracles, He healed the sick, He fed thousands with just a few loaves of bread, why wouldn't He be able to break our chains. He is willing and ready to break these chains, but He won't do it without our help, without our will to change. Some of these chains that we have might not too apparent, but the closer we come to God and Christ, the closer we come to the brightest light source, the more light we will have to evaluate our live and chains that we might not have seen before are now illuminated because we have willing approached Them. I testify of the power, the physical power of the Atonement. You can literally feel this power. and it is the most sensational and humbling feeling in the entire world. Come unto Christ. Accept Him into your lives. With His help, take off the chains of the past and walk into the future free. 

Have a wonderful week! Smile lots and serve lots!! I love you all!! 


Motra Zollinger