Monday, March 30, 2015

They Are To Change Ours...... week 48 .....

Hello Hello!!! :) 

First off, I want to wish my parents a WONDERFUL ANNIVERSARY ON THE 2ND OF APRIL!!!! What amazing examples you are to me as to how to continue to fall in love with your spouse as time goes on. Thank you for your examples and for showing me that the way to have a happier marriage and family is centering your marriage and family on the Gospel. 

This past week was a great week! A lot of things have happened, and hopefully I remember them all to tell ya'll. 

Pres Weidmann and wife with a largest group of sisters missionaries since Sis Z been here!!!
This Tuesday we had our last District Meeting. It was such an amazing District Meeting. We did a testimony meeting for the training portion. It was by far the best district meeting that we have had this transfer together, it was so spiritual and such a good note to end on. Afterwards we had our yummy himalayan food. #delicious

Yep that is Sister Z!
You know how sometimes when missionaries go on missions and some of their weaknesses become a big strength? Well, shaving is still my weakness, i don't think that can become a strength. It is just a down right health hazard for me. Last week when we were at Gjakova sister's for the night, we had sister's conference that next morning so I thought that I should shave. So, I shaved...but then I had to use a bandaid. One of the sisters said "Sister Zollinger, I think you should consider laser hair removal." haha. Well, i had the dumb thought to shave a gain a couple days ago. Good thing I have awesome looking Muppet bandaids, because they were much needed...anyways I have just accepted the fact that shaving can be a health hazard. Just saying. :) 

The other night we went contacting and it was raining, but I figured I could try using the umbrella upside down, because 1) no one really does that b) it sounded fun and 3) it could attract more people's attention.  Well it sorta worked...i just got really really weird looks. 

 Spectators watching the futball game
Selling supportive gear for the Albanian team
Yesterday Albania played Armenia in Futbol! We were walking to a member's house and we have to walk on the Boulevard to get there, and they had a huge tv set up for the game!! It was so awesome!! I was so tempted to try and contact there so that I could double task, but we didn't, we kept on moving. But it had just started and I kept on saying "futbol moter! futbol!" haha!! 

The hair that Sister Z & Sister Riley cut
There is a little boy in this ward who is 3. He had super long hair. One time I told him mom that he should cut his hair and then she just looked at me and said "no sister zollinger. His hair is like Jesus' hair." You can't argue that. So, i left the issue alone. But this little boy is starting to fall in love and idolize these elders. He was talking about how he wants to look the "boys of the church" meaning the elders. He wanted a haircut. So me and Moter gave him a haircut. It doesn't look too bad either. But we went to their house that next day, and the Mom said how the little boy cried that night because "My hair isn't like Jesus' hair anymore mom..." it crushed my heart that he cried, but he has changed so much since getting the haircut. He behaves so much better and he is so much more happy too!! :)

Yesterday the Elders made me cookies for my birthday! It was super super sweet of them all! I was really bummed about transfers happening before my birthday because I wanted to celebrate it with the district that I have because this is my favorite district, but then they surprised me yesterday and made me cookies! It made my day! 

The local artwork
Today for p-day we went to the bakery and learned how to make yummy albanian/kosovar food called byrek. I absolutely loved it! It was so much fun! Being in a bakery and seeing mixing machines that big all I could think of  was "you could make so many cookies with an oven and mixer that big." So being in the bakery today just sorta finalized my hope and dream of one day owning a bakery of my own. It was awesome being back there! :) We all got to try to make a byrek. Those are a lot harder to do than it looks. The only one who succesfully did it was Elder Rasband. All of us tried and the person who helped us just laughed and then moved on. hehe, it was so much fun! 

Daylight savings was this past weekend...but a lot of people forgot about it. Not a lot of people were in church this week... 

A cool artist lady came to the church this week and we were able to look at her artwork. They were absolutely amazing and I loved it so much!! :) 

The Sisters love these two little ones
a quiet moment before the transfers..
The biggest highlight of this week is that we got transfer calls Saturday night!! :) It was nice being the night before Sunday because we were able to know before going to church if we were staying or going. We did a musical number on Sunday as well and we sang the tear-jerking song "God Be With You Til We Meet Again." That is a beautiful song, but it is a tear-jerking song. and blah. it was hard. but, it was still super super good!! I am going to be going back down to where I was trained in T2 and I am going to be training again!!! :D I am super super excited!!! :) It is super bittersweet having to leave Prishtina though, I absolutely love this place so much more than words can describe, but I am excited to be going back and to see what the next 3 months have in store. That is something that I realized yesterday, is that on missions we are so focused on the lives that we are going to change and those people that we are supposed to help; but I think we forget about those who are supposed to change ours. Every single person that I have gotten to know on my mission has filled a hole in my heart that I didn't even know existed. I didni't know it was possible for a heart to hold so much love before. I really do feel like I am in the promised land right now, with the people that I am supposed to be serving with. These are my Albanian and Kosovarian Angels. I love these people here so much and I am so excited to continue to be serving! I love serving a mission more than anything in the world. I know that this church is true and that God loves us, and that we are His children. Jesus is the Christ. I love them with all my heart. Have a wonderful week! Smile lots serve lots and treasure trials. 


Motra Zollinger