Monday, May 18, 2015

Character of Christ .............. week 55

hehe me and good ol' Elder Clawson. love this elder! :)
(And an ill Sister Z)
 Hello Hello!!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DADDIO on WEDNESDAY. :) I hope that you have an awesome and an amazing day! I love you Daddio!! :) 

So this week was a little tougher of a week because I was sick. Not cool Robert Frost!! Ain't nobody got time to be sick, especially as a missionary, I don't got time for that. But I am on the mend, thank goodness. 

I have decided that I should just get used to sweating like a pig trying to pass a peach pit..because Albania is a huge sauna (i think that is how you spell it. like those really really hot sweaty rooms...yeah, that's albania). and it isn't even summer yet! Yep, I am going to die. and my little Camelenoma has struck already, meaning that I have already gotten my sun burn for the season...sorry dad...i will try not to live up to the nick name that you gave me this summer. :) 

Futbol this week was super fun... except I accidentally kicked one of the elders investigators in the knee. But then the investigator would actually defend me as we played and stuff and I had to do all I could to control my inner competitiveness to not come out. haha. but, it didn't come out. so it was all good. Futbol went really well. But it was super hot. 

lunch. a sufflaqe with yummy dhalle. :) 
So Saturday night we went to a park to go and meet with one of our returning members. She had had a really hard day and she was at the park going for a run. So we went and just talked to her and to help her as best as we could. She was doing better at the end of our convesation. At the park that we went to there were atleast 3 soccer games going on, one by an Albanian club team they were practicing and a ton of kids nearby. The member's cousin was playing with soccer as well. Well this little kid didn't believe that I could play soccer. For some reason this little kid perfectly pushed my competetive buttons. So I told him to give me the soccer ball and I just juggled the soccer ball. He just stared at me (mind you this kid is like 8 years old. a sassy 8 year old that is). He said "okay, let's see if you can kick the ball." so I shot on goal, I was wearing my toms... hehe. the kid came up to me and said "no, no. you do it wrong." are you serious? haha. so i got advice from an 8 year old and then I shot again. But then he gave me a pity look and said "yeah, that's better." and so I took the ball and I went and did a corner kick... well as well as i could in a skirt without flashy anyone. haha. but the kids were getting a kick out of it and i could just see eyes watching me because a) I am a girl 2) I am in a skirt and c) I am playing soccer. hehe. I thought it was funny! The member and my companion were just laughing at me. hehe. :) hehe

We were at our recent converts house this week. While we were saying goodbye to them all. The daughter who is about 16 years old, she just walks up to me, and sorta pets my arm and just says "wow. you are so white." haha. in my defense i am not white, i am freckilie. I am getting more freckles because it is getting hotter. hehe, but i didn't think i was that white. haha, i guess not. :) hehe. 

Church went well yesterday. I played Called to Serve in sacrament meeting. They had it translated but the chorister was trying to sing it slowly, but that song shouldn't be sung slow... but I wasn't really watching her conducting because I was trying to not ruin the song by playing i played it how we do in english, aka fast. it was hard. it felt like a finger work out. haha, but it went well. :) hehe. 

 Elder Guymon (left) &  Verushi (right). hehe, they are awesome!! 
Today was museum day! which means that meseums that are usually closed on monday was open! We went to a mueseum in the center of Tirana! It was AMAZING!!! It was so cool! We were in there for 2 hours and we didn't even go to half of the museum. It was sad though, because there was a part of the museum that was called "the terror of communism" level. There were clothes that had blood stains on them and the bullet holes in them still. It was heart wrenching. But on the other levels we went to, they had a lot of historical facts and photos and everything in there!! It was so cool! Skenderbeu is an awesome man. I am going to name on of my boys skenderbeu and call him bayou for short. ;) hehe, not really. but Skenderbeu was such an incredible person and he did such amazing things! It was really the most culturally uplifting (i can't think of the right english words on how to say this)...i felt like i learned a lot about the culture. 

In the MTC there is an amazing talk by Elder Bednar called the Character of Christ. It powerful and life changing. Today I watched the new mormon message about service and there is something that one of the men in that video says that reminded me of the talk-and it is so true! That it is as we turn outward, as we help others around us that we in turn not only find who we are but we are healed. I thought it was so powerful how this man says it, so I have included the link, it is so powerful. I want to testify that I know that it is true. I know that all of our hearts can be healed, that holes we didn't even know were there will be filled in ways that we have not even imagined as we serve those around us. That is the secret to true happiness. Forgetting about ourselves and focusing on others because it is when we do that that we find who we are and that we are healed. If you want to be happier, serve someone. If you want to be more calm, serve someone. If you think you have it worse, serve someone. Service is the secret to a successful day. 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! Smile lots serve lots and treasure trials!! :) 

Motra Zollinger

ps i don't know if any of you watch the series on Mormon channel about the Two Brothers Sam and Luke. But it is super good and I highly recommend it. :)