Monday, June 1, 2015

An Apostle of the Lord ..... week 57

This is the missionaries guide in Kruje
Hello hello!!! 

This past week was a good week! It was a busy and an eventful week as well! 

Elders Kek, Sabo, Eddings, and Acheson. 
First off. Parker. So I realized yesterday that he is going to be turning seventeen years old on Sunday. Um, hold up. I don't think that that is allowed. Because when I left on my mission he was only 15 years old and now he is going to be 17 years old, plus he can grow facial hair now and he has such a deep voice? Um, not cool robert frost. But, i guess it will be okay, i guess you can turn 17 brother. ;) so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D Honestly though, have a wonderful birthday. Love you brother! 

Highlights from this week. I hate a language brain fart. So a member asked me why she was so tired. I asked her if she was eating all of her fruits and vegetables. Atleast that is what I meant to ask her, but that is not what came out. Somehow i mixed up the world for "visions" with vegetables. So I asked this member if she was eating all of her "fruits and visions." She just looked at me and started laughing and said "what?" haha. yeah, so that happened. haha. 

Motra Johansen and Motra Zollinger
Me and Sister J signed up for a chess tournament at the institute building. I had to play Monday night. haha, that was my first mistake. I tried to distract my opponent by talking about whatever, but it obviously didn't work. I didn't even last 5 minutes. haha. My next game is going to be against a senior couple missionary, so hopefully I can win that game. ;) hehe. 

Motra White, Motra Chesher and Motra Zollinger
For english class this week, we taught our class direction vocabulary, like "right, left, turn, stop,etc." it somehow turned into a trust excercise. There are 3 stories in the church building, and our class is in the middle floor. So, what we did is we paired them up and had one partner close their eyes and the other person had to direct them to the bottom level of the church and back up again. I was terrified that one would die and everything. At one point a man was at the top of the stairs and his partner didn't tell him that he was at the stairs and he was about to take a step, so I just grabbed his shirt and told him "no." haha. long story short, no fatalities aroused from that english course and all of them lived to tell the tale. Even the teachers. #shyqer

During district lunch, I sorta had a spaz attack. Like hard core. I was done eating and I was just playing with my plastic water bottle on the top. I was pushing it against the table and then would let go, and just kept doing it. But then one time when I pushed down gravity decided to pull a fast one on me and water bottle totally had a spaz attack and sorta spurted out of my hands towards a bowl that had some oil... and I was sitting by Elders and some interns (Aaron). At the water bottle was spurting everything went in slow mo and they all made funny faces...but then oil ended up on Elder Achesons' sleeve and a spot on Aaron's shirt. I felt so bad. Then the entire resteraunt got so quiet and all the other missionaries just looked at me and i was just like "....i am so sorry! i don't know what happened..." fact:spaz attack, that's what happened. I felt awkward, so i decided to play with the bowl of oil that was infront of me with a spoon...but then Aaron saw what I was playing with and he just looked at me and said "i don't think that that is a good idea sister" and then he moved it from me... haha. that was an eventful lunch. 

i totally had a laugh attack during our group language study. I laughed for maybe 20 to 30 minutes. It was bad. It was all because of something that Sister Chesher did that I thought was hilarious, and then she just said "i am fine. I don't know what is wrong with sister Zollinger...i am the normal one." haha. then she just started laughing. It was probably the hardest laugh attack that I have ever had. haha. :) 

We had another free shower oppurtnity this week. Meaning, rain shower. We had group finding on Wednesday and it was hilarious! Because it rained the entire time and none of us had umbrellas or anything. So we got more weird looks than usual and it was a lot of fun. albanians hate the rain. Really bad. So no one was outside so we ended up doing group tracting. It was a lot of fun still. :) I love finding and tracting. It is so much fun!! :) 

It broke my heart when I found out about Elder Perry this weekend. I didn't even know that he had cancer until Saturday night at institute and then Sunday morning I found out that he had died. I felt like I was so blessed to have been able to see him in person. One day I walked by him at City Creek Center in Salt Lake City. The feeling of peace and happiness that I got as I was walking by him was absolutely incredible! He literally glowed. Then when he came to the MTC, was an absolutely incredible experience. The second he walked in the room I knew for a fact that He was a Man of God. That he truly represented the Savoir and that he was an Apostle of the Lord. I feel like we are so blessed to have a living day Prophet and 12 apostles that lead and guide us. I know that Elder L. Tom Perry was an Apostle of the Lord. I know it, because I felt the power that was with him in the MTC and I know that the words that he said in the last general conference (and in every talk that he has given ) is true. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He Lives and loves us. 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!! :) Smile lots serve lots and treasure trials!! :) 

Motra Zallenxher