Monday, June 8, 2015

The Savior Looked Upon Them and Wept .... week 58

Hello Hello!!! :) 

"Happy Birthday"  beb (she wanted PJ)
First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PARKER!!! hehe, I know I already put that in last week's email, but he turned 17 yesterday. That's sorta a big deal. haha, I totally was super super excited for him all day yesterday. I hope that you had a great birthday brother. I love you! 

Elder Guyman trying out Motra Zollinger's fan
This past week was quite an eventful week. First off, the heat here. It is my biggest weakness. I am already starting to sweat in places that I didn't even know i could before. Not to mention that I sweat like a pig trying to pass a peach pit like all the time now. haha, it is a big struggle I tell ya. haha. So, We bought Nene fans. I was actually super super excited to get this fan and boy have I sure am using it as well (haha, I had Elder Guyman try it out for me at lunch) Oh, and we got our air conditioners fixed! #score. haha, so our house isn't so hot anymore. So pretty much we are already winning over the heat here. or we'll see how long we are ahead. 

Motra Zollinger and Motra Foller
Futbol this week went well. It may or may not have looked like I had taken out a little kid. BUT I DIDN'T!!! HE TRIPPED OVER THE SOCCER BALL. Honestly, I promise he did trip over the ball. I do not lie. But it did look pretty bad... but I didn't do it! haha, but some of the people did tease me for that one. 

So. Sweating. I sweated super bad at futbol and we had to go straight from futbol to choir practice with the missionaries. Well, I didn't realize that I had a huge SWEAT MARK down my back. I mean none of the elders had those, that is disgusting. haha. So, I was sitting in the front row too. Let's just say that not only did I look awful but i probably smelled awful because of all the sweat. Fast forward to later that day. We were at institute. Elder Smith (a senoir couple missionary), he sat behind me at choir practice. His greeting to me, infront of members who spoke english was, "Sister Zollinger. You look different. Oh, wait. You don't have a sweat mark." haha. Thanks a lot Elder Smith. It was so true though. I laughed super hard when he told me that. 

I felt like I had a big list of funny things that I wanted to share, but I suffer from brain fart syndrome sometimes...and I am going blank in my mind right now. Let's see. haha. Today for p-day we got together with the Durres Zone and we played basketball. let's just say, that it is a lot different playing with people that actually know how to play basketball. haha, i was awful at it. haha. 

American Food in Albania- Yea!
So there is this delicious heavenly chocolate spread. It is called Nucreme. It is so much better than Nutella. some people would think that it isn't possible to just spoon Nucreme in one's mouth, but I have proven that it is totally possible to do that. 

haha, the elders just left their shoes at the internet cafe. haha. #elderachesonandgreener hehe. the person who is over the internet cafe is just laughing at them. 

Motra Zollinger and Motra Johansen
Yesterday we were at a member's house and we got on the topic of sleep talking and just weird stuff that we do in our sleep. I told her that I talk in my sleep, and walk in my sleep, and that I sleep sitting up. I thought that she would laugh. haha, she didn't at all. She looked at me with pure fear and concern in her eyes and she just looked at me and said "sister Zollinger, that is not normal. You should take some pills or something before you sleep." My response was "i know that I'm not normal, so it is just fitting for who I am. It's okay. haha, i sleep fine just that I do weird stuff in my sleep." but she was still super concerned. haha. it was priceless. :) 

So, this week I have learned a lot. This past month I have been learning a lot...people always talk about how amazing missions are-which they are! But they never really mention how hard they are. This past month has been a difficult month for me, but that happens. But if there is something that I have learned this past month it is HOW BIG OF A STINKIN' FATHEAD SATAN IS. Honestly, it is ridiculous. He is such a punk. But, I have also learned how much more power God and Christ have. and how I can have such glorious and celestial help because of the power that Heavenly Father and Christ have. The other day I was reading a quote that had such an impact on me. Joseph Smith recorded, "I saw the Twelve Apostles of the Lamb, who are now upon the earth, who hold the keys of this last ministry, in foreign lands, standing together in a circle, much fatigued, with their clothes tattered and feet swollen, with their eyes cast downward, and Jesus standing in their midst, and they did not behold Him. The Savoir looked upon them and wept." This quote hit me. How many times during the past month did I have my head down? When instead I could have kept my head up and could have seen such miraculous things. How often do we do this? Sometimes you got to fake it til you make it, or like my adopted Grandpa Jack would sing to me, "Smile even though your heart is breaking." But, that's the thing. Satan ain't no dummie. He knows that great things are going to be happening and that is when he just does a furious waltz around us, meaning that he tries to make it so hard for us right before it gets super good. But it we get down on ourselves, and we put our heads down-Satan has won! Because when we could have had our heads up and seen Christ and His hand in our lives, we didn't-because we were too busy looking at our feet. This quote really hit me hard. When the Savoir is looking upon me, is He weeping, because my head is down and I am not looking for him? Or when He looks upon me, is He rejoicing, because my head was up and I could see Him? The glorious thing is that we can choose whether we can see and recognize Him or not. I know that Christ lives and that He is our Savoir and our Redeemer. We can over come anything, we can and will triumph over Satan because not only do we have a body (which he doesn't) but we had a loving Heavenly Father and Christ on our side. We are not alone. Legions of Angels follow us, they are on our team. I know that this is true, because I have felt it. 

Have a wonderful wonderful week! Smile lots serve lots and treasure trials!! :) 


Motra Zallenxher