Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Believe in Christ, So Come What May . . . week 15

Hello my friends!! :) 

I hope that everyone's week went well.

Highlights from this week:

After street contacting by the lake, we were starting to walk home. We said "hello" to an old man who had a scale set up. But, then he stood up and he was like "come weigh yourselves, it's free." It's falas?? Well, in that case, ha-ha, not. But, we did anyways to be nice. His scale didn't work though, because it said that I was 0 lbs. ha-ha. jk. The cursor moved, but that doesn't matter much... ha-ha. That was pretty funny though. :) 

Motra Russel likes the Muppets. So, we quote the Muppets a lot. And the "Ew" skits from Jimmy Fallon. 

Yesterday we were at the lake again, and we say a cute little frog hop across the sidewalk. And the first thought that went through my head "Good thing the Duck Dynasty Robertson family aren't here, or else you would be their next dinner." Then I was confused as to why that was my first thought. 

We haven't had ice cream for 2 whole days. But, we're getting some tonight. :) 

Elders Ostergard and Lee

Today for p-day we went bowling!! I was actually nervous to go, because I am so awful. And since grandpa was like a pro-bowler, that isn't any more pressure to try and do well and to not bring shame on his name. So I told my companion "I want to get at least an 80." I got 4 strikes. Like, what?! I don't know how that happened. I scored 141. I don't even score that on the stinkin' wii. Miracles happen. Ha-ha, honestly though. I took a photo because I feared that this would never happen again. I just had to mention that because I figured dad would be proud of me. :) hehe. That is the highlight for my day, is doing well in bowling today. #itwillprobablyneverhappenagainthough 

Grandpa Z would be proud

This past week was a good week. It was hard, but good. This week we are going to have a lot of finding opportunities, which I am very excited about!! :) I don't know why, but I absolutely love street contacting!! :) Like a lot!! :) I don't know why, but this past week was harder than the others. I was just being too hard on myself, and put myself down a lot. But, then I realized how ridiculous it was to do that, because all it is doing is making Satan happy. Satan is a fathead. #fhonestlythough. Missionary work is hard work, but we are sharing a glorious message that can and will change people's lives. A line from "I Believe in Christ" came to mind yesterday at church, and it was "I believe in Christ, so come what may!" That line from that hymn gave me that strength and determination that I needed to keep moving forward, because it is true!! I know that I have a Savoir who is always there for me, He never leaves me. I know that with His help, and because of His Atonement I am able to overcome any trial any challenge that I run into. With His help we can conquer anything. Yes, we have adversity in life and opposition in all things; but that doesn't mean that we should be down on ourselves. We are Children of God. We are empowered with divinity and so much individual worth. Satan isn't the strong force. WE ARE. Who is Satan compared to Children of God who have the help of their Heavenly Father and who are empowered by God's love. He is nothing. We are everything. I testify that if we prayer for the strength and help to get through the day, that He will give it to us. I know, because that is the only reason that I was able to make it through last week with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. Because I prayed and I know that God hears and answers our prayers. There is a power that comes from talking to our Father in Heaven.  Those who kneel to the Lord can stand up to anything. 

Have a great week!! :)

I love you all!


Motra Zollinger