Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We were Promised a Temple! Week 17

Hello hello!

So today for p-day we did nothing. And it was glorious! Last week's p-day was too stressful for me. haha. We went up to Shkoder which was fun...but it took a lot of time. But, it was a wild and ferocious day, that's for sure.

Pictures from last week's p-day trip to Shkoder

So much has happened in the past couple weeks that I don't know where to start. So, I am just pre-warning you... this email this week is going to be a long one.


We had zone conference. That was absolutely amazing. I learned so much and the spirit that I felt in zone conference was the spirit that I have felt at the temple. You can stand in Holy Places even when you are not literally inside a temple.

We had dinner at the Bishop's house; me and Motra and the two elders in our ward. They are all good at Albanian, and I obviously am learning, for some reason I got way nervous at dinner. I was sweating so bad and my face was red the whole time. #sweatinglikeapigtryingtopassapeachpit

I also went on exchanges the other week. That was so much fun!! :)

I don't not like tomatoes anymore. I tried tomatoes, and I actually like them! I was super surprised. But, those things actually taste quite delicious to the taste buds on my tongue.

English course started back up. We are teaching the beginners. I get the little kids. :) I love it!

We went tracting for my first time this week. And I quote Pirates of the Caribbean as we did so, it was too fitting. Because, often times this is how it went. We would walk up to a door in the apartment buildings. We could hear the people inside the apartment. We knew they were in there. So, we would knock or ring the doorbell. Then all the sudden the apartment would go silent. It reminded me of despicable me 1, when Agnes and them are selling cookies and Gru pretends to be his own answering machine... well, that doesn't happen here. Anyways, so, we can hear these people inside after we have knocked on the door. But they don't answer. So, I quote the following to my companion: "we know you're in there puppy [she means poppet]... come out...we're not going to hurt you." It was just too fitting to not quote it. Sometimes we have to create our own entertainment when tracting or street contacting after we get rejected over and over again.

Yesterday tracting was so good! So, we knocked on this door and a man in his twenties answered it. But, his response was priceless. I was starting to introduce us and he said "wait. give me 5 minutes, I need to finish washing my hair." then he shut the door. But, he had shampoo suds in his hands as he answered the door. But, the thing is that he came back! We had a nice conversation with him. And we are going to be hopefully meeting with him this weekend.

I had the most amazing experience on Saturday. At English course on Thursday for our spiritual thought we talked about the Book of Mormon. This cute older gentleman, is a cop. ( A cop!) And he wanted to hear more about the Book of Mormon. So we met with him on Saturday. I have never fallen in love with an Albanian here more quickly than that lesson. He wanted to know what our names were; so we told him. He looked at me and said "no, that is too hard. you are Motra Zog." This cute old man gave me a nickname!!! The part that was the most touching was the end of the lesson. We taught him how to pray. He has never prayed before in his life. After we taught him how to pray, he prayed. I have never heard a more sincere and humble prayer in my life before. After he had finished, he was smiling with tears in his eyes. We asked him how it felt, and all he could say was "I have so much emotion" as he is pointing to his heart. It was amazing and so humbling. I am so grateful that I am able to be here, to help people come to the truth of who they are-children of God. That God does exist, and that He loves all of us so much! Unfortunately, he does not live in our ward boundaries. So we have to pass him over the T4. But, he is a rockstar and I know that he has found what he has been looking for.

Yesterday during church, it was amazing. I can't even explain it adequately enough as to what I felt and what happened. President Weidmann (the mission president) spoke during sacrament meeting. He told of when he was an area of the 70 and he was here 5 years ago; and he felt impressed 5 years ago to promise the Albanian people that they will have a stake in Albania. and it happened. Yesterday, the President promised the Albanian people 2 temples. One in Tirana and the other in Siranda. I can't explain it exactly, but the spirit that I felt as soon as President Weidmann said that, was so powerful and so strong. I too know that there will be a temple in Albania soon. The President promised that if the people a) invite people to sacrament and to church, b) keep the sabbath day holy, and c) pay their tithing; that they will receive a temple soon. I can't describe how I know, but I felt it.  I too know that one day there will be a temple in Albania. I cannot wait for the day when these amazing people will have a place for them to do the amazing work of missionary work. The spirit that I felt in that meeting was undeniable. I felt it so powerfully. I don't know how long it will be before they receive a temple, but I do know that I will be coming back when it is done.

I love it here! Everyday I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to serve here, in Albania. I know that God hears and answers our prayers. I am more sure of that than I have ever been in my entire life. I know that He does. Prayer is a sacred and spiritual opportunity that we have to talk with our Heavenly Father. I think too, that sometimes we might be able to feel Him right next to us or His arm on our back as we pray to Him. I testify that God knows each and every one of His children. We are all known to our Heavenly Father. Alma 26:37, I see the truth of that scripture every single day. This church is true! Pray to our Heavenly Father, He is always there for us. He will never let us down. Never.

I love you all! Have a most splendid day and week! :) And, pre-congrats to Miss Clara Bowles for getting married this week!! :) aaah, so exciting!! :)

Love you all!!!

Motra Zollinger