Monday, September 15, 2014

Joy, a Work of Joy . . . . Week 21

Hello hello! :) 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week! This past week has been yet another wonderful week! 
This transfer is a 14 week transfer, usually it is a 12 week transfer, but it is different this time. Anyways, I am now officially done with training. We finished the 12 week training program yesterday. So, now I am like a normal missionary, pa training. #crazystuff

Here are some highlights of this past week:

I found out this past week how hard it is to try and tell someone how to bake cookies in Albanian! Holy cow, haha. We were able to tell her the ingredients just find (except for tartar), and then the directions came. haha, that was so entertaining. haha, the member and us were getting confused with what we were trying to say so we ended up doing sherades (i don't know how to spell it, that one game where you can't speak but you have to act it out) to show her how to make these cookies. haha, it was priceless. 

We found an Italian gjelleto place! Man my taste buds were in Heaven! It tasted soo good!! Like honestly, so good!!

So, the other day we were walking back to our apartment. We saw a recent convert that we visit weekly and some friends that she was with. So I started talking to the recent convert and Motra was talking to her friends. I had just gotten done talking to the recent convert and then I was just thinking about what we had just been talking about, aka I sorta zoned out and wasn't listening to my companions conversation with the couple. I mean the man didn't make eye contact with me once, and then I just zoned out. But, in the midst of me zoning out I realized how everyone was looking at me and I guess he had just asked a question... so I just said huh? and then they all laughed because I guess the man had just said "and she (pointing to me) didn't understand anything of what I just said." haha, nope. haha. :) haha!

I  know I say it a lot, more I mean it more and more each time I write it: I absolutely love being a missionary! I love serving here in Albania! I love how I feel. I feel more than happiness here, I feel joy. Pure joy. Even when people reject our message, or I am tired, or I am trying to understand what is being said, I feel joy. It is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. Knowing that you are where you are supposed to be, I feel like that is why I am so happy here. I love what I do here. I love teaching people that we in fact have a God, and He is our Father in Heaven. He knows us. He loves us. and because He loves us He has provided us with a Savoir, our Brother, Jesus Christ. I know that God does exist, and he more than exists, He lives. I am a daughter of God, and we are all children of God. All He really wants for us is to be happy. and He has provided us with every single thing that we need to have this happiness; all we have to do is to accept it and to use it. If you ever want to know if God is there, pray to Him. I testify that God cares about you, and that He will never abandon you, you are never alone. Never. This Church is true and I am so grateful to have it in my life! 

Have a wonderful week! Smile lots and serve lots! :)